Bites of My Life

Hello Monday morning. Despite waking up at 5:00 am today and already getting a handful of things checked off my list by what is now 7:00am, my productivity is not changing the fact that I'm not ready for a new week. I'm usually not like this, I usually like the weekly fresh start, but nope, just not feeling it. In that case I don't feel the need to blab on, so just keep scrolling for a look at last week. We can check back same time next Monday to see if I got out of my new week funk. 

bites 237.jpg

-Was in Norman for work early last week and got to try the new Stella Nova. The most delicious almond milk latte has me counting down the days until the Oklahoma City location opens.
-Posting these cookies again because I can't get over the cuteness. Used this cookie and icing recipe. 
-My salad situation that is going on week three now. Here is the rundown: spinach, roasted mini chopped sweet potatoes, cucumbers, red bell pepper, sprouts, kraut or kimchi, green onion, drizzle of liquid aminos and tahini, dash of cayenne and topped with everything bagel seasoning. Tip is to prep, chop and have everything ready in the fridge for easy assembly. 
-Blueberry, cucumber and coconut protein smoothie. Weird but it worked.
-What was supposed to be a simple Wine Wednesday, turned into a fried brie, chocolate cake, sparkling rosé, 2 hour long evening with Katie!
-Sharing the quick recipe for these Thai Chicken Lettuce Boats in a Lite Bite post!
-Love the work I'm getting done at this new workspace. Come join me on Tuesday and Thursdays!
-The greenest of green smoothies to detox all the chocolate I ate the night before and fancy soft scrambled eggs cause it was the weekend.
-Never too many cooks in the kitchen when the cooks are all your best friends.