Bites of My Life

I'm tired, goodnight.

I opened my computer this morning to finish this post and above was all I saw. I guess that is an indication of how last week and yesterday left me feeling. Regardless, I'm in good spirits this morning with the start of a new month, starting a new bible study and my sisters wedding only a week-ish away! 

bites 222.png

-Republic of Tea Turmeric Single Sip in steamed macadamia nut milk while I crank back to work last Monday. 
-The 24th fastest growing company in OKC coming at you live! Love me some Social Order Dining Collective
-The fair may be over, but when The Jones converts from restaurant to concert venue, we bring funnel cakes back to life! Funnel cake ice cream sandwiches that is. Haven't been to a Jones concert yet? May I suggest just coming to try out our concert menu. 
-Last week's breakfast, lunch and dinner went like this-->Matcha Smoothie following this recipe.  Just sub peppermint essential oil for mint and one Republic of Tea Matcha Single Sip.
-The best fall lunch consisted of sautéed sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, roasted walnuts and chopped honey crisp apple.
-Mushroom, rosemary and garlic spaghetti squash, because one can never eat too much spaghetti squash. 
-Started the birthday celebrations a month early for mom with brunch and Beautiful. And now we can't get Carole King songs out of our head. 
-Fig and fennel seasonal burrata at The Jones right now is giving me all the feels. 
-Slow start to Sunday with a bike ride and espresso. Which ended up being fuel for a very long and tiring Sunday afternoon.