Bites of My Life

Last week was a throw my hands in the air and praise the big guy kind of week. After a few months and several weeks of looking for a new job, it finally happened. More on the actual job later, but for now I'm celebrating and eager to see what this next adventure holds. I emailed, interviewed and met so many people for coffee over the past few months, but it was all worth it and finally paid off!

Besides the whole job thing kind of overshadowing the week, there were other little victories to celebrate too. A fancy night out with my roommates, was just what the doctor ordered. A great friend in town and temps reaching over 80 made for a perfect day. And Thomas Rhett on my TV screen finished out the weekend just right. Who else gets country obsessed the second it gets warm?

-They started selling at the farmers market, but now Belle Kitchen has their own brick and mortar. The gourmet donut and macron shop opened this past week and thanks to Yelp OKC we got VIP access to make our own!
-Touches of spring in our little rental.
-I've had this fortune and quote from a Yogi tea on my dash for about two months now. "Your present plans will succeed" and "Let things come to you." I got the fortune from a cookie the same night this quote was on my tea. I took it as a sign and used it as a mantra over the past few weeks. After lots of patiences and perseverance, I let things happened and my plans followed through!
-On Fridays we drink pink.
-So much fun sipping tiny tinis at ArtiniOKC.
-Stay tuned for these cookies later this week!
-The day started off great until OU lost by 40...
-When the girl accidentally made too many smoothies and you get one for free!
-Springy shrimp salad for Sunday supper. How many more 'S' can I use?