My Kitchen Essentials

Above I have rounded up my favorite kitchen essentials. These are products I either love or couldn't live without. While my kitchen is still in the process of being stocked with all the proper appliances and tools any standard cook should have, I long for the time when I will get married and get to register for all the things I've been dying for. But let's be real, that'll be a while. Things like a full knife set, a matching set of dishes, proper pots and pans... okay enough day dreaming and back to the things I have now, and think you should too! 

Entree Bowls I'll eat out of a bowl any day over plate. I think it's something about being able to get the food out of a bowl easier than scraping it up off a plate. I don't know, but pro-bowl over here. It's all I really ever eat out of. Salads, soups, curry, rice, chicken and veggies, it's the perfect hybrid. These are only $27 for a set of 4 from Target. (Target has great cheap but cute dishes).

10-Piece Glass Mixing Bowls You need these. I think everyone in my family has these bowls. The fact that you get 10 bowls for $40 is fantastic. This is one of the pieces Ina Garten recommends everyone to have in their kitchen. I agree. I use them for everyyyyyything. The large bowls for cookie dough, the small bowls for making sauces or marinades. 

Kitchen Aid Mixer My pink mixer is like the landmark in my kitchen. It proudly sits on my counter for everyone to see. You just can't really bake without a Kitchen Aid mixer. They are pricy but last for forever. My mom has had hers for 30+ years...

Oven Mitt Don't risk burning your fingers off by pulling hot pans out of the oven with a flimsy hand towel. Make sure your kitchen has a few oven mitts, you'll use them daily. Anthropologie has the cutest! 

Cookie Scoop This is one of my favorite tools. It looks like and ice cream scoop, just a little smaller. If you want pretty, uniform cookies, invest in a scoop. I suggest about a 1.5 tablespoon size. 

Wooden Cutting Boards I have a three-piece set similar to these that I love. You need some plastic cutting boards for things like poultry and fish, but I use my wooden ones daily. I even use them for backgrounds in my food pictures or even as a plate! Wooden cutting boards can also be used as a cheese board.

Non-stick Roasting Pans and Cookie Sheets You need at least two of each, you just do. My cookie sheets get used all the time, but the roasting pans probably get used even more. Roasted veggies, baked fish, sweet potato chips, I have a million ways to use these. When I am making big batches of cookies they even get used as stand-in cookie sheets!

Canisters I use these canisters to store my flour, sugar, brown sugar and coffee right on my counter. They have an airtight sealant on them keeping everything fresh. I love having these essential ingredients right at arms reach. 

Dessert Stand I was gifted this dessert stand customized for me with "Take A Bite" etched on the outside. It sits on my counter and I love to use it as an excuse to bake, so that it is always filled with treats. I would recommend some kind of stand like this with a lid. It's an easy way to display and store homemade goodies!

Le Cruset Dutch Oven My Le Cruset is the newest addition to my kitchen. I had to get pink too so that my Kitchen Aid had a friend. A dutch oven can be used for things like roasting a chicken, making homemade spaghetti, a big batch of curry, a Sunday roast, soup, mashed potatoes, the list goes on. There really isn't a pan to replace it. It's on the pricy side, but also lasts forever. 

Do you have any go to kitchen items you couldn't live without? Let me know!