Bites of My Life

Christmas time is here! Fully feeling all the holiday vibes after a visit to our local tree farm to pick up our tree yesterday. The past week I squeezed in some Christmas movies, attended a Christmas concert, finished my shopping (humble brag), decorated our little house and now I'm planning recipes to whip up this week. Any holiday recipes you are looking for? Beware I'm on a cookie craze right now...

-Avocado oil, s&p and lots of 21 Seasoning Salute form Trader Joes. 425 degrees for 25 minutes makes for the best roasted brussels.
-I've never been an egg nog fan, but this almond milk nog from Califia Farms has been the best after dinner treat or as a chug with breakfast!
-Crushing on this greek falafel salad I whipped up for last week. Get the deats here.
-Acai in OKC! Head to Organic Squeeze asap, they are everything.
-Kat's a bride again! Kinda... a year and a half later she finally got her bridal portraits done!
-Victory in Norman, OK for OU vs. OSU. 
-Sweet celebrations for Miss Matty!
-Mom's chili and decorating the tree. Keeping traditions strong!
-All is bright!



P.S. if you are still shopping, hopefully my gift guide round up can help!