Christmas Crack

Tis' the season for Christmas treats! You probably all know my dear friend Molly by now, she's my blogger bestie and foodie twin. In holiday spirit she wanted to share with me her favorite sugary treat! 
Every year her family makes these delicious Christmas Crackers. I shortened the name because...well you just have to make them and then you will understand. Layers of salty Saltine crackers, topped with a toffee like glaze and melty chocolate make up this truly sinful treat! 
I made these for a tailgate party along with my rice krispies and they both quickly disappeared. I baked up another batch to bring home to my family and the same thing happened.
A beautiful glaze of pure butter and brown sugar. That's what Christmas is all about. 

I love this stage where the hot butter mixture melts the chocolate chips to then be spread all over the top of the cookies!
Christmas Crack
recipe c/o Bridget's Own Diary 


1 sleeve (1/4 box) Saltine crackers
2 sticks of butter
1 cup of light brown packed sugar
12 oz/2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips
5 oz sliced almonds
Preheat oven to 400 degrees. In a 15" x 10" jelly roll pan with a 1" edge, line it with heavy duty aluminum foil.
Lay the crackers in the foil-lined pan with the edges touching and no overlap. Melt 2 sticks of butter and the cup of brown sugar over medium high heat. Bring to a boil. After 3 minutes, pour the boiling mixture over the crackers as evenly as possible. Place in the preheated oven and bake for 6 minutes. 
Remove from oven and immediately sprinkle the chocolate chips evenly across the hot mixture. Wait 2 or 3 minutes for the chocolate to melt, then spread evenly with a spatula without disturbing the crackers. Sprinkle about half the bag of almonds across the top.

Cool one hour at room temperature, and then place the crackers in the freezer to harden for 45 minutes. Break into bite size pieces for eating and sharing!

Molly and her eye of capturing an image will always beat my mediocre iPhone camera skills. But here you see her families crackers being packaged to hand out to family and friends! 
Happy holidays and may your days be filled with lot's of sweets and Christmas Crack!