Bites of My Life

Another week in D.C. has passed. We are trying to plan all the things we want to get done this summer that I am quickly realizing how fast it is going to go by. 
Last week I felt more like a real resident of D.C. I know my way around better and can manage the Metro for the majority without having to use my app-success! 
It was a wonderful week at work. I am constantly inspired by the people I work with and the environment at the office. I love getting to know everyone better during our chatty lunch breaks, happy hours and daily meetings! 
Last week consisted of more delicious food, more exploring to find hidden D.C. gems and the arrival of the summer humidity. My hair is loooooving it...

-The Georgetown Anthropologie has their whole BHLDN wedding line in the store...swooon
-Coordinating my breakfast with my outfit
-I love when co-workers bring their leftovers to work. The best flour less chocolate cake.
-SCOUT happy hour!
-Brain Food Friday is being installed at work to keep us working hard! Whole Foods juices were provided for everyone! 
-My first Jazz in the Garden. Think live music, thousands of people and $6 sangria.
-These may just look like quesadillas, but they were strangely the most delicious shrimp quesadillas I've ever had in my life. A little tex-mex from Tortilla Coast was a fun taste of home. 
-The famous Luke's Lobster for lunch on Saturday. Best lobster roll hands down.
-Spent all day Saturday walking about every square inch of Georgetown! 
-"Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy gelato, which is pretty much the same thing!" This easily lured us into Dolcezza for some espresso and pistachio gelato!
-Explored the Union Market Saturday night. It was the coolest, most modern little food market that pops up right in the middle of nothing. My friends thought I was leading them to a dead end when we got off the Metro, but luckily it turned out to be a success.
-A southern gospel buffet brunch on Sunday. This was just plate 1 of about 4.
I have no doubt it is going to be another great week! Mom, dad and oldest sis get here Friday so it will definitely be a great weekend!