Celebrate Good Times

I love a good celebration. Whether it's a simple life pleasure, getting a good grade on a test or a big birthday blowout, I think most things deserve to be celebrated. So many things are happening in my little world I'm trying to focus on taking time to celebrate and make notice of everything going on. With a big move and a big birthday coming up, my mind has been in celebration mode. 

Here my tips for celebrating in style! 

1. Wear a party hat or celebration crown. Be cheesy and embrace your celebration. 
2. Eat something sweet because sugar just makes you happy. 
3. Surround yourself with pretty scenery. A great environment makes for a great celebration.
4. Reward yourself! A little retail award is sure to make you feel good, and heck you deserve it! (Maybe don't go as crazy as Blair Waldorf in the picture, but a little something is always fun!)
5. Celebrate with with friends because celebrations are always better when they are shared!

I love my birthday and I love other people's birthdays. Any excuse to celebrate is fine by me! Ceeeeelleebraate good times, come on!