Bites of My Life

It's Sunday night and today officially marks the one week till summer and the one month till my 21st birthday countdown! I finish up with final tests and presentations next Monday then it's summer break...I'm sorry, hi and bye junior year, you just flew by. 
So much is happening and changing in the next few weeks, but I'm more excited than ever. After I finish up classes I'll tearfully have to move out of the sorority house that has been my home for the past two years. I'll then go home to pack up my childhood room to move into my parent's new house. I'll make another move into my senior year house, then finally pack up again to jet set to DC for the summer. 
After all the packing and moving I get to round out the month of May by turning 21 in my new city for the summer! Change is a good thing, I firmly believe. I can't way to keep you updated on all the new bites in my life! Before I get ahead of myself let's take a bite into last week. 
-Kappa Kupcakes was a success. I loved getting to bake and eat cupcakes with some of my favorite people for a great cause!
- It's ridiculous how excited I get for almond versions of traditional peanut flavored things (cue-Snickers with almonds). The Kappa house used to always be stocked with the Peanut Nature Valley granola bars, but because of my allergy I could never have them and we just didn't have a good alternative. When I went to grab a snack last week the word "almond" caught my eye and I had a minor freak out. Nature Valley is now rolling out an almond version of their Sweet & Salty Nut bar and it is even coated in a layer of almond butter. It was just one of those little things that really put a pep in my Thursday. 
-So much fun on Friday getting to take a little adventure to Tulsa for a night of dancing and celebrating with some of my best friends!
-Saturday included a trip to the "Jungle" then a much needed/extremely early bedtime.
Now off to bed to watch re-watch old episodes of The O.C. I seem to always get into a TV show during finals week...