Bites of My Life

The amount of cookies, chocolate, candy and donuts I consumed last week is borderline nauseating, but totally acceptable because if was all in the spirit of Valentine's day! Last week was full of studying, baking, yoga, birthdays and a date party. After my two tests I loved being able to enjoy the wonderful weather we finally got over the weekend. This week is looking to be full of more beautiful weather and very low stress when it comes to school! 
I had so much fun blogging last week and it felt great to really be in the swing of it. (I even got to guest post on a few friend's radio show blog) The same can't go for this week. I'm having bloggers block, so if you have any ideas for this week's posts please send me your ideas!
-Major walk down memory lane when I saw a copy of the American Girl Mag. I subscribed to this for about 5 years of my life and have more copies than I can count.
-Girl Scout cookie season, one of the best times of the year.
-My heart nails finally chipped off, but I hope some of you tried out my DIY.
-It's not a holiday without my sugar cookies! I have had this heart bow-and-arrow cookie cutter my whole life and it is still one of my favorites. 
-I loved working Valentine's Day morning and seeing all the boys come in to buy last minute, cards, chocolate and flowers. Here you can see four guys all lined up to get their last minute essentials.
-One of my dear friends took Lauren's calligraphy class last week too. I love having a buddy to practice with.
xo annie