Bites of My Life

Last week consisted of finishing my internship, eating and cooking and taking lots of pictures of food, finally learning calligraphy, and savoring the last few minutes at home! I'm all moved back to school and actually really excited about it. 
-The best dish ever. Mom and I made Ina Garten's feta baked shrimp for dinner last Monday. 
-Lazy Thursday called for an afternoon on the couch watching The Great Gatsby.
-Grilled cheese goodness at The Mule in OKC. 
-Second insta of this salad because it's that good. Kathleen and I met for a "business" meeting and our favorite salad Thursday afternoon.
-Celebrating the sassiest but best 21 year old!
-Greek yogurt, cooked quinoa, raspberries and pomegranate seeds. I love subbing quinoa for granola.
-Planning on posting this recipe at some point, but for now, here is the link for the tastiest monte cristo wrap!
-I had the best time on Saturday learning the basics of calligraphy by the fabulous Lauren from Brown Eye Blue Eye. Finally got to check learning calligraphy off my bucket list! A full post on the class will come later this week.
-A Mediterranean feast for my last night at home. Recreation of the beloved falafel salad and baba ganoush!
-Last thing I baked while at home. My yummy snicker doodle bars to bring back to friends! Recipe here.
Lot's of fun posts coming up!
xo annie