Bites of My Life

It's Thanksgiving week! I only have two days of school left, then it's full-fledged holiday time! 
Last week was the perfect mix of lazy and productive! I got everything done I needed to, plus I had lots of time to lay around and do nothing. Some kind of cold hit me towards the end of the week, so I spent Thursday night at home with my parents napping on their couch and cooking the yummiest dinner!
A snow/sleet/ice storm blew in this weekend! Two of my roommates and I took this as making it perfectly acceptable to lay in our room all day watching Scandal. It's official, I'm addicted. 
{Bites from Last Week)
-The OKC pop-up shops start this weekend! This is a project I got to help a little bit with in my internship this summer. The store I work at now will have a pop-up December 19-22! I will be working that Friday and Saturday, so if you are in the area come visit. It is going to be quite the site.
-New prints at The Social Club. I can't get enough of them. We even have a few christmas themed ones.
-Spending one morning last week planning blog posts with these great organizers my sister sent me. 
-Had a pre-Thanksgiving dinner last week at a sorority event! 
-The amazing Autumn Chopped Salad my parents and I made for dinner last Thursday. The left picture is after we topped it with the butternut squash dressing, and the picture on the right is it all laid out like a traditional cobb. You can find the recipe here.
-My festive little party planning friend and I. I was giddy we she texted me a few weeks ago asking for my help with the treats for the christmas party she was planning! The party involved all of our best friends, christmas pjs and lot's of food!
-The cutest banner hung up at the party made for the perfect photo op!
Start searching for your stretchy pants! Thanksgiving is T-3 days away!

xo annie