Bites of My Life

It was rough having to come back to reality last week after being in New York. I came back and immediately had to study for a test I had the next day. I luckily was caught up on everything before I left, but it was still a busy week as the semester is starting to wind down.
One of the highlights from last week was a lunch with all my best friends from high school! We all go to school together but are so busy with our own schedules we all hadn't gotten together in months! It was also Dad's weekend, so I had a blast hanging out with my dad and all my friends dads!
My cameral roll was pretty empty from last week, so I threw in a couple bites I found on Pinterest last week. 
-More beanie inspiration! I got lot's of love/hate comments on the whole beanie trend.
-Spent our last home game with my best friends!
-I'm starting to plan out my holiday baking. This pomegranate bark is definitely on the list. 
-A little encouragement.
-Dinner with dad before we lost all our money at the casino over dad's weekend.
-Sunday night s'mores and celebrating a friend's 21st!
-Cracking fresh picked pecans from my friend's backyard.
-I get so giddy about christmas I'm not only planning out my baking but also how I'm going to wrap my presents! 
Only a week till thanksgiving then a few weeks until the semester is over! So much to do and pack in before we leave for break!
xo annie