Bites of My Life

Usually my "bites" posts are pictures from the past week, but this time they are only from the weekend. Only because it was the best weekend ever. Last week we were basically just trying to survive until the weekend.
Unfortunately the weekend is now over and I'm have post-OU/Texas depression. Thursday all my best girlfriends and I stayed at a friend's house in Fort Worth and had an amazing mexican dinner at Joe T Garcia's. We woke up the next morning and did a big breakfast and a little shopping! Then it was off to Dallas to really start the festivities! Friday and Saturday were action packed. Despite losing the game, the weekend still seemed like a win win. The road trip, 10 girls in a hotel room, a 7 a.m. wake up call for a football game, fried fair food, and an exhausted Sunday were all worth it!
{Bites from my camera roll}
-Before our Mexican feast on Thursday, my friend's mom made us a little layered hummus dip snack! It was so good, I'm thinking a quick recipe post sometime this week.
-The cutest little chair I found in Anthropologie. If only it was for sale.
-The best weekend, with the best friends.
-6th row seats don't make for a bad view.
-Best part of the weekend easily could have been my Fletcher's corn dog at 10 a.m.
-After the game loss I needed a little pick me up. I had the friend pumpkin pie last year and have been holding out for it since. It is pumpkin pie filling sandwiched between two gingersnaps then deep fried and served with whipped cream!
-The most unusual fried food we saw at the fair was the Cool Ranch Dorito Fried Pizza. So of course we tried it. It's just what it sounds like. A piece of pepperoni pizza is battered in crushed up cool ranch doritios then fried and served with a spicy ranch drizzled over it. Not lying, it was so good!
-After the best weekend I had the joy of coming home to study all Sunday night for a midterm I have on Tuesday. A little Panera and christmas music eased the pain a bit.
xo annie

p.s. Happy 21st birthday to my freshman roommate and one of my best friends! Love you Claire!