There's Popcorn in My Cookies!

 So you probably think I'm crazy right now. Popcorn in cookies? 

Trust me on this one.

Do you know anyone who doesn't love a good chocolate chip cookie? I sure don't, but why not take this classic cookie and spice it up a bit. This is exactly what Joy at Joy the Baker did. She created her buttered popcorn chocolate chip cookies by adding popped popcorn to the batter. 

This cookie was originally inspired by Smitten Kitchen's popcorn cookie but Joy added chocolate chips giving it the perfect sweet and salty flavor. When I was flipping through my sister's Smitten Kitchen cookbook last week I spotted the popcorn cookie recipe, but I like Joys adaptation better. I mean, chocolate makes everything better, so why not throw some chocolate chips in to really make these cookies good! They are then topped with a sprinkle of corse sea salt to finish them off. 

Next time you are craving chocolate chip cookies through some popcorn in there to really throw people off! Recipe here.