Snickerdoodle Bars

I whipped up these yummy cookie bars with the intention to take them as a treat for "board game night!" Board game night was a fail and ended up not happening, so I was then stuck with a full pan of cookie bars. Not really a huge issue because they were delicious and I easily could have eaten the whole pan myself. Luckily, I persuaded some friends to come over and help me out! 
The bars are an adaption of the classic snickerdoodle. In my opinion they are even better because they are drizzled with a sweet glaze! Someone mentioned they tasted like a cinnamon roll! Now how good does a cinnamon roll cookie sound?

packaged up and ready to deliver to co-workers!
I had favorited the recipe on my Food Gawker page forever ago, so I was excited to finally try them out! You can find the recipe here. I recommend eating them fresh out of the oven or heating them in the microwave so they are warm and the glaze is a little melty!
xo annie