2 in 1 One Recipe Post

Today I have a round up of a couple recipes I made the past two weekends. You may have seen them on my instagram. They are both delicious and completely dad approved (as well as being approved by the rest of my family). I made a Bourbon Bread Pudding for Father's Day and Carrot Cake for my dad's birthday this past weekend. I highly recommend both recipes!
First up, the bread pudding. This was a classic bread pudding using french bread, raisins and spices like nutmeg which gave it awesome flavor! It was then topped with a bourbon sauce to send it over the edge.

{Bourbon Bread Pudding}
Bread pudding may seem daunting, but this recipe was far from complicated! 
Next is carrot cake! Yum yum yum is all I have to say about this cake. You can't go wrong when the recipe is The Pioneer Woman's. She shows the cake being baked in a sheet pan, but for visual effect I baked it in a bundt pan! After I smothered it with a pecan cream cheese frosting, we dove in to this delicious birthday treat! It was so good, my family and I decided it was a perfectly acceptable dinner. Nothing like cake for dinner, and breakfast, and lunch, and probably an afternoon snack!
{Carrot Cake}
Use this recipe and it won't disappoint! We had a slight carrot cake disaster at Easter, so it was nice to find this recipe that I believe is foolproof!
There you have, 2 recipes in 1 post. Now excuse me while I slip into a sweets coma. 
xo annie