Bites of My Life

School ended, summer started, had a wonderful weekend at home and reunited with friends. Yesterday was the perfect end to the week. I loved celebrating my wonderful mother. After church we had the best brunch I've ever had, let me correct myself, the best brunch we have all ever had. I went for the green eggs and ham. A combination of baked spinach and artichoke herbed eggs topped with prosciutto and parmesan. Life changing. We then let our food coma pass as we watched The Great Gatsby. I highly recommend it. The day was then finished off with burgers on the back porch and a round of bocce ball. It was just one of those perfect days.

{Bites from my camera roll}
-first baked item in my new place
-sharing goodies with friends
-best meal I've ever eaten. not kidding which is a bold statement
-seeing Gatsby in style, La-Z-Boy style
Can't wait for the warm weather this week and enjoying time by the pool before work starts up!
But most importantly, to start this week is my friend Betsy's birthday! Happy birthday Bets, Goodtime, Beatsy, Bslag, Bagel etc. 
an ice cream cake for my ice cream loving friend!
image via pinterest
xo annie