Bites of My Life

After making it through the tornadoes at the beginning of the week, the first days at my internship, and fun times with friends at the lake, I closed up the weekend eating dinner on the couch and watching the premiere of The Bachelorette.
The beginning of last week was heavy. The tornadoes that hit my state caused chaos and sadness. I sat with my eyes glued to the TV as the storms stirred up around us. I'm lucky to have been safe throughout the storms, but not everyone was as lucky. After they passed, I then had to watch the footage of the damage they caused in Moore. Tuesday morning, as I was driving to my first day of interning, I saw first hand the damage the tornado left behind. The scene was hard to look at. Everything in the tornadoes path is now just a pile of debris. I can't even imagine how those directly affected are coping.
Oklahoma has a heavy heart for all those who lost so much from the storm. It is amazing to see how our state has come together to help and benefit our neighbors. Beside the sadness the storm caused, there has been so much hope from the generosity of our state.
I started my internship last week and I am loving every bit of it. I only work two days a week, but I wish I worked more! Everything I have already had the opportunity to do has been a blast. It is exciting to be doing work in my major and actually enjoy it. I know I am going to continue to benefit and learn so much throughout the rest of the summer.
Wednesday after interning, I met a new friend in the city for a fun girl dinner. We met through a mutual friend and instantly hit it off with everything we had in common; blogging being one of them. Check her out here. I think our waiter came by about five times to see if we were ready to order, but we hadn't even looked at the menu because we were too busy chatting!
Friday, I headed up to the lake to meet a big group of friends for Memorial Day Weekend. A big thanks to my sweet friend and her family for hosting all of us all weekend. We spent most of our days sleeping in, eating a big breakfast then spending all day out in the sun on the boat! It was the perfect way to kick off summer. Unfortunately the weekend had to end and we packed up to come home yesterday; not leaving before my friends surprised me with cookie cake and a singing of "Happy Birthday" for the big
2-0! With it being my birthday I came home and treated myself to a mani/pedi and a home cooked meal. My roommate and I then watched The Bachelorette and went to bed early. A big birthday dinner with the fam is on the agenda for tonight!
Now can we just talk about The Bachelorette really quick. Did they purposely pick the weirdest guys for Des to choose from or did they just lower their standards this season? I'm sorry guys but don't try to win your way to your potential future wife's heart by giving her hashtags you made up, make her do dance moves that almost make her dress rip, or by showing up in a suit of armor. I can say, I'm on team Ben! He won me over when he had his cutie son jump out of the limo with him. This will yet again be another interesting season.

-homemade shrimp and grits for a dinner with good friends
-Lily Pulitzer showing their love for us in Oklahoma. #prayformoore
-view at my weekend getaway
-Memorial Weekend at the lake!
xo annie