I'm Blogging

Okay, here we go. After wasting too much time going back and forth whether I should or shouldn't start a blog, the time has come. I'm taking the plunge. With encouragement from friends and family I finally felt like it was time to just do it.

image via pinterest

Bear with me as I develop this blog. I have been an avid blog reader for about the past four years, but now that I am on this side it is completely different.  To be honest I'm nervous. What will people think of my posts, my blog design, my awkward writing style etc? So like I said, bear with me.
The focus of my blog is to basically share all the fun/weird/crazy ideas and things going on in my life. Like the title says, I want you guys to "take a bite" out of my life. Heads up, my life consists of lots of food, fashion, friends and all things girly. So prepare yourself for lots of recipe posts (first one is tomorrow!), posts about my favorite fashion trends, and whatever else I'm currently coveting!

If you notice on the right sidebar, I have a list of all my favorite blogs. Maybe one day my blog will be on someones "daily reads" list (wishful thinking). This is where I get my daily inspiration. I love to wake up (perks of an early riser-perfect time to catch up on blogs), make a bowl of oatmeal and search through the new posts by my favorite bloggers.  Since this is only my first post, I thought I would share a couple of my favorite blogs so you can read through some of their amazing posts.
First, and foremost, my favorite is A Peony For your Thoughts. I may be bias because this is my big sisters blog. But, a day doesn't go by that I don't check her blog. Her blog is one of the main reasons for starting my blog. I was constantly thinking of things I wanted her to post about and loved the few times I got to guest post that it only made sense I just start my own.

Other favorites include Cupcakes and Cashmere, A Piece of Toast, The Everygirl, Channeling Contessa and my fellow Oklahomie The Pioneer Woman. This mix of fashion, lifestyle, and food blogs keep me continually inspired.

So while I work on getting future posts together, enjoy exploring some of my favorite blogs! Please stop by tomorrow to read my first recipe post! I know you will love it!

xo annie
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