Mediterranean Feast

Great minds think alike is a phrase used far to often between my sister Kathleen and I. We always find each other blogging about the same thing, or texting each other about something the other one was also thinking. We constantly find each other on the same wavelength.

Saturday night was my last night at home and my sister and I wanted to cook a big meal before I came back to school. Instead of waking up to see we both posted about our meal on the same day we decide to tag team the post. We cooked up a big Mediterranean feast with a falafel salad and baba ganoush. I'm posting about the falafel and Kathleen is taking care of the baba.

If you don't know, falafel is a traditional Mediterranean dish made from chickpeas and spices, then formed into a ball and fried. My falafel didn't quite come out as planned. I found an authentic falafel recipe, but I think you have to be an authentic Greek to get falafel like they do. When we went to pan fry them they started to fall apart. Although, we were still able to savor a few to top our salads with. Despite their appearance the taste was great. 
You can find the falafel recipe here.

Our salad consisted of cucumber, grape tomatoes, kalamata olives, red onion, feta and topped with a tahini dressing.

We used this recipe for our salad! 

The salads turned out great and were just like my favorite falafel salad from Saturn Grill.
I topped mine with sriracha to kick it up a bit. And because I really love sriracha.
Check out Kathleen's post here to see more on our baba ganoush. Baba ganoush is basically hummus made with eggplant. The eggplant is roasted then blended with tahini. We served ours with big slices of pita and cucumbers. We also topped it with pomegranate seeds, not sure why, but that's what it showed in the picture so we went with it. We followed this recipe.
How pretty does this table look? Our Mediterranean feast was a success! Dinner was followed with numerous episodes of Gilmore Girls and a little game.
p.s. Make sure and check out Kathleen's post to read more about our feast!
xo annie