Bites of My Life

Week one of second semester, complete. After switching a few classes around I finally got a handle on my schedule. It's been harder getting back into the swing of things than I thought. All of a sudden I have homework assignments piling up and don't know what to do about it. 
Luckily with it being MLK day we are off today which means a short school week. I'm hoping this long weekend will give me enough of a break to jump back into school ready to go...we will see.
-Being back at school meant the return of packaged yogurt or instant oatmeal. No more luxurious baked eggs or pumpkin smoothies.
-I was at Barnes and Noble looking for some school supplies and of course found myself lusting over the walls of colorful cookbooks. 
-Tried my first green juice from the new juice bar in OKC called Organic Squeeze. Although the juice tasted great, I was starving about 15 minutes later.
-Had the best breakfast with three of my best friends, one who was in from out of town on Friday. These "breakfast sliders" were silver dollar pancakes with fluffy eggs and bacon stacked inside!
-Sunday I met up for church and brunch with my parents. We talked about my summer plans and I scarfed down this frittata.
-Ended the day with court side seats cheering on the Thunder! I was up close and personal with Rumble the Bison more than a few times.
So many things are already different or changing during this semester. In all areas of my life, might I add. I continue to find out more about myself and what I really want in life. As random as, having the biggest urge to read a book. If you know me, you know I hate reading and haven't read for pleasure, probably since high school. Like I said, things are different.
Random thought: A friend told me the other day she "wants to be good at a lot of things and the master of nothing." I loved this and really think it fits my outlook on life. Why settle on one thing when you can have an umbrella of skills. Just something to think about.
xo annie