Mark Your Calendars

Target - known as the place where you go in for a pack of paper towels and few groceries and leave with a new sweater, workout leggings, front door mat, coffee mug and the new seasonal flavor of Chobani. Essentially a death trap for your wallet. Well Target is about to put a another dent in your wallet with there new designer collection. This is just a fair warning. 
Most images via Refinery 29

Designer Adam Lippes was chosen for Target's next designer collection. Lippes got his start at Polo Ralph Lauren, then Oscar de la Renta, before starting his own collection ADAM + EVE in 2004, now known as ADAM. They challenged Lippes to create a whole collection using only buffalo check plaid. From Stacy's Pita Chip to ponchos and jogger pants, Target is about to be covered in plaid. The collection debuts in stores everywhere September 27th. 
My sights are set on the oversized sweaters and home goods. You can bet I'll be in line bright an early to storm the store. I was there at 7 AM for the Missoni and Phillip Lim collections and I'll be there for Lippes too. (Please look back at those Missoni and Phillip Lim links to see how embarrassing Kathleen and I are). 
Target hit the "bullseye" with this one, "check" it out. Okay that was one two many puns in one sentence. But really, you can view the whole collection here. Oh and p.s. Adam Lippes is pretty nice on the eyes, you can check him out here.


Witty & Delightful

Target has been rolling out an amazing collab this year. They partnered with some of their favorite pinners to create Pinterest party worthy products, and I am so on board. 
They first caught my attention when they partnered with Joy Cho of Oh Joy! She has continued to design whimsical party goods since her initial collection last spring. They also did work with Jan Halvarson of Poppytalk, and most recently released their witty & delightful collection with the wonderful Kate Arends from Wit & Delight.

Pictured above is the wonderful Kate. I had never read her blog until my sister helped me catch wind of her Target collection. I instantly found myself completely distracted in my capstone class and completely enthralled in her blog

These are a few snapshots from the rustic and whimsical launch party Kate threw for the September 14th launch of her collection. The Minneapolis based blogger filled this studio space with good food, better people and her great products as the focal point. I wish I could have been invited to the party so I could eat the luscious cheese board in front of Kate. 

Kate's collection is perfectly described by using the title of her blog, it is witty and delightful. She uses black, white and gold to create party goods and barware. My favorite pieces include the Oh Beer! bottle opener and her funny phrase pencils (click the link to see all the phrases enlarged). The "beerly beloved" one really gets me. Below are more of my favorites! 

Kate and Joy's party products are available on Jan's Poppytalk products are sold out, but you can see all three of the pinner's collections on Target's Pinterest page. I'm now brainstorming different party ideas so that I have a reason to buy all of their goodies! 

I must say, everything is so well priced and so darn cute I'm just going to have to buy it all. This always seems to happen...darn it, Target strikes again.


Sunday morning started at about 6:45 a.m. when my alarm went off. I threw on my most comfortable shopping clothes then jumped in the car (coffee in hand obviously) to go pick up my sister. 

We arrived to the OKC Target by 7:30. It wasn't too surprising to see we were only second in line. Oklahoma doesn't quite know greatness when it happens. Philip Lim's collection for Target was greatness.

sitting, waiting, wishing 

We anxiously awaited until they unlocked the doors at 8:00, by this time there was a little more of a line behind us. Being the crazy shoppers everyone was, we took off running.

we dug through piles of purses still on the stock carts

Kathleen and I had a plan of attack. We pretty much have the same taste so we made a plan to grab two of anything we liked. We met back up with a huge pile of clothes and arms full of purses.

favorites in the register!

I was really only interested in the purses, and happily found two I loved! kathleen snagged a tote, dress and skirt!

by 8:30 my stomach was growling, so pumpkin spice m&m's seemed like an appropriate choice to curb my appetite!

Below are the mini satchel and taupe tote I walked away with! I'm very pleased with my purchases. Even after my stress a few weeks ago to find the perfect fall bag, I knew in the back of my mind I wanted to wait to see the Philip Lim bags. Good thing I waited!

If you weren't quite as ambitious to be at Target bright and early Sunday morning I encourage you to go see what's left! I was underwhelmed by the clothes but all of the bags were fabulous!


Hit the Bullseye


Target did it again. Not only does Philip Lim for target come out in about a week, their inventory right now is on point. So much leather. Yes it is fake leather, but I'm not turned off by it. They have some great pieces like pencil skirts lined in leather, silky palazzo pants, and all kinds of booties. 

Don't even get me started on how good the workout stuff is. Step aside lulu (did I just say that?) But really!

Here are some of my favorites from Target's fall collection.

target fall

Dinner Jacket/Quilted Jacket/Cut Out Leather Front top/Pencil Skirt with leather trim/zip booties/Quilted Faux Leather Jacket

I made two trips to target yesterday. The first trip was just accompanying some friends who needed to run errands. After seeing everything they had, I went back after work with wallet in hand. Gosh darn it Target why do you have to do this to us. There is absolutely no such thing as buying just one thing at Target.

I walked out with booties, a skirt, nail polish, coffee and a tooth brush cover. Normal things to buy together right?

Target hit the bullseye with this one. Now it's just a waiting game until Philip Lim hits the shelves. September 15th people.