Bites of My Life

Came back from Colorado with a cold, but kid of “took advantage” of the time to lay low and rest. I worked from home most days, drank copious amounts of tea, ate soup and kept my workouts very low maintenance, some days skipping them all together. I started to feel more myself just in time for the weekend and had a really great weekend in my city. Now the countdown is on until my apartment is full of my best friends and everyone is reunited in Dallas for OU/Texas!


-Monday meal prep after the bachelorette weekend. Kept things simple with Crock-Pot chicken and seasonal roasted veggies.
-Return of golden milk this week. Perfect for fall but also perfect for the cold I was battling last week.
-Last week’s recipe post including bulletproof coffee and a Whole30 recap.
-Woke up Saturday craving fried eggs. I normally cook scrambled at home, but two crispy eggs cooked in lots of ghee, really hit the spot.
-Being extra festive at the Farmer’s Market. The Dallas Farmer’s market is a favorite weekend activity for me.
-Harvest Pumpkin loaf from Central Market was obviously a must.
-Post-whole30 l i v i n g at my favorite restaurant in Dallas. Proof that I love this hole-in-the-wall seen in my 3 Months in D post!
-Leftovers repurposed for Sunday lunch. A sweet potatoes filled with Crock-Pot chicken and roasted carrots from my meal prep.
-Since it’s October and still in the 90’s I made my Pumpkin Green Smoothie into a bowl for dinner. Fall-ish but make it weather approp.