Bites of My Life

This past week/weekend is notoriously one of my favorite weekends of the spring. The weather usually is always beautiful by end of April, the Arts Festival has popped up, the OKC Memorial Marathon takes place and some kind of wedding celebration has known to fall on this weekend too. Proof here, here, and here.

I’ll be 100% honest, this weekend made me second guess my move from OKC. There is so much pride for the city that takes place this time of year (the memorial marathon being the reason). However, adventure awaits down south and OKC will always be here, so will my love for the big league city.


-New Spring/Summer menu launched at The Jones Assembly and my eyes are all over this well crafted cheese board.
-The new spot in town is both convenient and delicious. Highly recommend the grain bowl at Stitch.
-Unintentional pink on pink on pink deserved to be documented.
-I’ve been going to the Arts Festival since I was tiny, and I’ve always been more interested in the “culinary arts.”
-Somehow we used this photo booth opp as a way to throw it back to our pom and cheer days to celebrate Bailey and Andrew’s upcoming wedding.
-The weather has been gorg-e-ous lately, so I took advantage of it Saturday afternoon.
-Up early at Gorilla Hill to watch runners go by. Elle really dressed for the occasion in her banana yellow.
-After years of watching from the sidelines, I finally got to participate int he OKC Memorial Marathon - relay style!