Sunday Self Care



Since the new year, I’ve adapted a new Sunday, enter trendy buzz word “self care,” routine. On most Sundays, especially those following a weekend of lots of eating and drinking, I try to end the weekend with the same routine. It’s a sure way to help detox and ease the Sunday scaries…

Sunday Self Care Routine:

Take an epsom salt bath. I love Dr. Teal’s epsom salt bath, but I really love the coconut oil scent. Bonus, it makes your skin extra soft. Epsom salt baths are said to detox your skin of toxins, leave your skin smooth and ease sore muscles. A warm bath also helps with stress and aids with sleep!

Apply a thick layer of shea butter. I have really dry skin and patches of eczema. I have tried a gagillion lotions and this lotion by Aveeno has proven to be the best for an everyday lotion. However, on Sunday’s I lather up with this super thick (like really really thick) shea butter by Sun Potion.

Put on a face mask. 2018 was the year of taking better care of my skin. I’m still on the mission in 2019. When I have extra time, like on Sundays, putting on a face mask is one of my favorite acts of self care. My roommate gifted me the Super Collagen Mask by Mario Badescu for Christmas and I’ve been loving it. I put on the mask right before I get in the bath.

Sip on detox tea. I drink a lot of hot tea morning, noon and night. I often have a cup of detox tea after dinner to help settle my meal and subside any sugar cravings. But something about sipping tea, with a face mask on, in a hot bath, makes me feel like I’m really living my best life.

Get in bed early. I try to get in or start getting ready for bed around 9 each night. On Sundays especially.

Do you have a specific self care routine?


Beauty Bites

When it comes to beauty and skincare, I am not a "product person." I'm a drug store mascara, forget to wash my face, sometimes my teeth, never get facials kind of person. As I'm getting more into my 20's, I'm trying my best to change my old ways. Every article I read turns into some rant about how important your skin regimen is, or "what I would have told my 23 year old self" turns into a lesson on taking care of your skin. I don't want wrinkles by the time I'm 30, so looks like it is time to grow up. at

Like I said, I've really been trying to invest in better products, take more time with my skin regimen and care more about what I'm putting on my face and body. Below is a list of my current "beauty bites." While I'm still a girl on a budget, one product is a pantry staple and nothing is over $30. 

beauty beat.jpg

I am new to the dry shampoo world. I always swore it didn't work for me. My hair gets greasy after 24 hours, and have always washed my hair everyday if I want it to look decent. Once I joined the working world, washing and drying my hair everyday became a long and daunting task. Enter dry shampoo. It took a few weeks to get my hair used to every other day washes, but with some trial and error I've found some dry shampoos that actually work and help prolong the washing process. My current obsession is Lazy Dry Shampoo. It's all natural ingredients and locally made in OKC! You apply the powder with a soft brush at night, then you wake up and voila, non-greasy hair! It comes in two versions for light and dark hair. Lazy Dry Shampoo can be ordered here


I get pale in the winter, like sickly pale. When spring hits I get eager to add some color to my washed out winter skin, but it's not that easy. It takes weeks in the summer to get a tan. With my roommate's bachelorette trip in Scottsdale this weekend, I am in desperate need for some base color before being fully exposed to the sun. My good friend Bailey recently started selling R+F and raved about this tanner. I love that is is a foam, making it so easier to apply. The color shows up almost instantly giving me the color I dreadfully need.  Shop from Bailey directly here

You've probably seen a million articles about all the benefits and ways you can use coconut oil, well it's true. I've recently started using coconut oil outside of just cooking with and more for topical use. Coconut oil has replaced my old make up remover. I have a jar in my bathroom that I use every night to wipe away my make up. It works better than any bottle remover you can buy at the store.  I have really dry skin so something that gently removes my makeup and moisturizes at the same time is a win win. I also apply a little extra on my lips and sometimes use it on my cuticles and elbows. 

My other roommate gifted me some lavender body scrub for Valentine's Day. Made from just coconut oil, sugar and lavender oil. My dry skin was obsessed. It became my ritual to go to hot yoga, come home light a candle in the bathroom, and use my lavender body scrub in a long hot steamy shower. A little home spa action. I found my skin not needing as much lotion post-shower because the scrub helped get off dead skin and moisturize with the coconut oil base. I ran out fast, but plan on using this recipe to make more on my own!


Bites of my Life

Posted up in front of the TV watching the Emmy's sipping on a cup of hot chocolate. I really wanted froyo, but someone *cough Kathleen cough* wouldn't go with me, and I couldn't stoop to getting froyo by myself. Hot coco with cinnamon (try it) and a handful of butterscotch chips sufficed my sugar craving. Does anyone else like butterscotch chips? They are the super underrated in my opinion.

Last week started with pumpkin smoothies and ended with a pumpkin date consisting of PSLs and hunting Target for all of their pumpkin flavored goodies with one of my old and favorite co-workers. We have a mutual obsession with this seasonal flavor and like to capitalize on it.

My friends and I started a kickball team and had our first game on Wednesday. Let's just say I was better at providing the halftime snacks and "adult" Capri Suns than actually providing skill for the team. We celebrated Lindz's birthday with spicy cocktails and sinful snacks, and then welcomed a houseful of besties all in town for the OU game this weekend. Bon weekend!

-Looks like a healthy green smoothie, acts like a healthy green smoothie, but tastes like pumpkin pie. You're welcome. 
-My skin is going through a little bit of a situation. Big sis Claire acted as my interim dermatologist and suggested trying all natural face products. Picked up this toner, previously recommended by Molly and purchased this face wash from Claire's favorite spa in NYC.
-Take a Bite went on the tour de matcha of OKC to find the best matcha latte. Read the post to see my fav!
-Fire on the Pineapple cocktail at Guyutes is my favorite drink in OKC currently.
-Celebrated roomie Lindz turning 24 with these waffle fries I can't stop thinking about. Topped with tequila queso, pulled pork, cilantro crema, tomatoes, japs, red onions and sunny side egg. 
-The Sooners may have let us down again, but with all my friends near and far in town, the weekend still won. 
-Green juice and movie theater popcorn because it's all about balance;) Highly recommend Sully.
-After scouring the pumpkin display at Sprouts, I eyed their bottled pumpkin salad dressing. Almost pulled the plug on buying it when I realized I could make my own. I snapped a pic of the ingredient list and went home to whip it up. 
-Tossed a loaded veggie salad with my pumpkin dressing. Give or take measurements of pumpkin puree, red wine vinegar, olive oil, maple syrup, water, dijon mustard, pumpkin pie spice, and s&p all got thrown in.


Makeup Manners

I'm 21 and still feel like I don't know how to do my makeup. To be honest, I feel like I don't know how to properly do anything beauty related. This most likely comes from laziness. I'm a simple girl when it comes to hair, skincare and makeup. I'm all about the 5 minute look. My hair is bone straight and I can go from the shower to ready in 15 minutes. It's handy, but as I've gotten older I've realized I need to have better "manners" when it comes to my beauty routine.
I use the word manners because just like saying thank you and chewing with your mouth closed, I think those some ideas can be applied to beauty. It's time I start treating my skin with respect and applying my makeup and fixing my hair the proper way. 
I turned to my bestie and beauty guru to get the best tips on which products to use. Megan has the best manners when it comes to all things makeup and skincare. She takes her beauty routine seriously and it's definitely noticeable. 
Let's start with skin. After reading article after article about skin-care tips or "what I wish I would have told my 20-year old self," everyone talks about how important it is to take care of your skin. I've started to listen a little and added sunscreen, flossing and heavily moisturizing to my everyday routine. I've also been applying vaseline to my dry areas and eyelids before I go to sleep.
Now for Megan's tips and favorite products: 
She uses an incredible cleanser and moisturizer as well as a Clarisonic. For a cheaper version, Megan suggests Orgins - Checks and Balances cleanser, Cetaphil - Oil Control moisturizer and Biore`- Acne Clearing Scrub. A good cleanser, scrub and moisturizer are the first steps in skin care. Below are more of her favorite products!

Step 1. Cleanse

Omorovicza Cleansing Foam-worth it

Step 2. Moisturize

Omorovicza Radiance Renewal Serum- revives tired skin
Omorovicza Balancing Moisturiser- for long lasting hydration
J.Berry Beauty Balm- A beauty lined started by Megan's facialist back home. I've tried this product and it rocks, put it on everything. 
Kiehl's Creme D`Elegance Repairateur- you can't beat Kiehl's

Now for makeup. I love having Megan do my makeup for special occasions, she makes me feel like I'm sitting at the makeup counter in the mall! She has all the brushes, primers and highlighters to make you look great without looking like you tried too hard.

Step 1.  Prime

Laura Mercier Hydrating Primer- Julia suggests it too!
Too Faced Hangover- for that red puffy "after a night out" skin
Smash Box Photo Phinish- to reduce redness 

Step 2. Foundation

Bare Minerals Original powder- for light coverage 
Chanel Viltalumiere Aqua- for medium coverage
Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation- for full coverage

Step 3. Conceal

Laura Mercier in Secret Camaflage

Step 4. Add some color

Nars Bronzer in Laguna
Nars Blush in Orgasm
Nars Highlighter in Albatross
Urban Decay Naked Palatte- every girl's favorite eyeshadow

Step 5. the finale

Chanel mascara #10

Now that's a long list, so I asked Megan to pick her tip top/can't live without products and she said...

1. Omorovicza Cleansing Foam
2. Nars Blush in Orgasm
3. Bare Minerals Original powder
4. J.Berry Beauty Balm
5. YSL Touche Éclat
6. Chanel mascara #10
Okay so who just wrote down all the beauty buys they need to go make? My hand is raised. To start, I'm thinking a big tub of Kiehls, Laura Mercier's primer and Nars blush and highlighter. Thanks Megan for sharing all of your wonderful makeup manners!