Bites of My Life

Enjoying the first couple weeks of the new year and the last couple weeks of being off from school, led to more family and friends time, then blogging and internet time. Break is officially over and I'm currently writing this post from the kitchen table of my sweet Norman home. 
Since we last met, I went to Dallas for New Years, fell down the black hole that is One Tree Hill on Netflix, skied the mountains of Breckenridge with 23 of my friends and as always, took lots of bites. 
I love the fresh feeling of a New Year. New classes, new experiences, new opportunities, a new internship, new goals, new trips, new weather, new clothes etc. The normal is still there, but the new excites me! 
-A catch up session with my dear friend over smoothies and wheatgrass shots. I might have rookied her into the wheatgrass. 
-Trying to prove to my mom quinoa ain't so bad with this tri-quinoa salad with avocado, shallots and spicy roasted butternut squash. 
-One of the things on my Christmas Break to-do list was to cook Greek food again. I made it a little easier and made half and bought the other. This big fat Greek mezze platter was a sure hit. Homemade kafta (lamb meatballs), homemade tzatziki, hummus, feta, grape leaves, olives and tomatoes!
-Ventured down to Dallas to ring in the New Year with my best friends.
-Mom's black eyed peas have already brought me good luck this year. Anyone else call this dish Hoppin' John?
-A send off breakfast with dad and a preparation for the cold Colorado weather. Ordered the Chilly Crunch, at The Red Cup. A concoction of yogurt, frozen blueberries and granola.
-Me and my fellow ski bunnies for a week in Breckenridge, CO. 
-The sous chefs of the group who proudly cooked three full meals for 24 people, there was a lot of ground beef involved...
-The whole group (almost).
-By golly I found it. The most amazing breakfast combination, an oatmeal latte. Have your latte and eat it too!
-My smoked salmon crepe in Downtown Breck, was worth the two hour wait.
-Back home with a day to spare before coming back to school. Mi familia, good wine, great pasta and a super stuffed belly to end my last Christmas break. 
I have what you may call a "fun semester" or senioritous semester" being that I'm only in 9 hours. It's going to be a pretty laissez semester as far as school, but I have that whole get a real job after school and find a house thing weighing over me. Now I better wrap this up before I'm late to my first/last day of school ever.