Bacon Wrapped Dates

I couldn't let this perfect party appetizer pass without sharing the recipe! I made these bacon wrapped dates with almonds and goat cheese for my good friends wedding shower a couple of weeks ago. I ate about half the platter, but they were still a hit! The creamy cheese or salty almond stuffed in a sweet date then wrapped in bacon, it's just the most sinful little bite. Great for parties of all kinds; dinner party, wedding shower, birthday or football watch party!

The recipe comes from my new favorite book Bread and Wine by Shauna Niequist. The book is chalk full of cozy family recipes. I plan on cooking through the book and sharing more of Shauna's insight on daily life and daily bites, so stay tuned!

Bacon Wrapped Dates adapted from Bread & Wine

8 oz package of dates, pitted if you can find them
4 oz goat cheese
1/4 cup almonds, roasted and salted (optional)
16 oz pkg. bacon

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees. Line a roasting sheet (with sides is best) with foil and set aside. 

If your dates are not already pitted, you will need to pit them. Make a slice lengthwise along the date. Open it up like a little book and remove the pit. Stuff half the dates with almonds and half with a little shmear of goat cheese. Shauna informs you to steer clear of any nut, she says it reminds her too much of the pit, which it does. But I love the crunch! Maybe next time I'll do a little combo of the cheese and almond stuffed inside!

Cut your bacon in half or thirds depending on how long your strips are. Wrap a piece of bacon around the filled date and place it seam side down on your foil lined baking sheet. 

Bake for 20 to 25 minutes until brown. Drain on a paper towel and serve at room temp!

I urge you to go pick up a copy of Bread & Wine. It's the perfect read as fall is arriving! But in the meantime, you can just make batches of bacon wrapped dates to tide you over!


Bites of My Life

I finished a book. Did you hear that? Annie "hater of reading" Tucker, finished a book. Pick up a few of Shauna Niequist's books if you get a chance, I highly recommend. I also had a very vivid dream that I was invited to a pre-opening shopping event at our Trader Joe's that is supposed to open next month. It was a good week to say the least. 

-Most idyllic start to my week. 
-Figgy pudding aka chia pudding with figs and gogi berries. Sister hated it, I loved it, to each his own. 
-Snack plate lunch makes for the best lunch al desko. Figs, hard boiled eggs, salami or prosciutto, apple and veggies are on rotation.
-I have a little project up my sleeve and it tastes and sips deliciously. 
-A dear dear friend of mine and I have been trying to make our lunch dates a frequent thing. Salads and our convos always fill me up! 
-My little londonite is home in Texas for about a month. I'll get to see her in September, but was able to sneak in a hug while she was in OK for the day! 
-When you run out of groceries and momma treats you right!
-The cutest plant shop in town just added coffee and treats to their repertoire. Can't wait to plug in and get my grind on in the atmosphere they've created. 
-Happy 3rd birthday OKC Lululemon! A birthday, my besties, and barre3; so fun at #sweatstock2016.
-Counters are the new chairs apparently. 
-"Savoring" Sunday morning with my new Shauna book and breakfast in bed.
-Becoming one of those Sunday meal prep nerds. Shredded chicken, sliced veggies, homemade mango salsa, balsamic salad dressing, hard boiled eggs and roasted sweet potatoes.