Workin' Girl

Today I'm talking about a different kind of work. Although I have loved incorporating more business casual into my wardrobe for my new internship, I also love buying work out clothes. Working out is way more fun when you dress the part. When I was in middle school, a couple of my friends and I got really into tennis so we went to Target and all bought little tennis skirts. We swore it made us better. 
Lululemon has been around for a while, but seems to really be taking off. Lululemon is an addiction. You buy one pair of leggings and they hook you. If you aren't ready to fall down that rabbit hole I advise you to refrain. Unfortunately, I fell down the hole and I'm now completely obsessed. 
I put together a little workout gear round-up to show off all my favorites for the different kind of exercise I enjoy. But let me get you in on a little trick. If you dress in cute workout clothes you can convince everyone you spent the morning working out when really you laid in bed all day then just wanted to dress confortable. I would call this my favorite kind of "working out." 
for the yogis...
burn out tank, my friend has this tank and I envy it every time she wears it
in the flow crop, my other friend just got these seamless crops and they are so comfortable
yoga mat, lulu has a great mat, but a simple Target mat will work
for the barre girls....
tumbler, picked this guy up at class last night
will crop, I have these in pant form and they are without a doubt my favorite, the high rise makes them so comfy
power y tank, simple but looks great and feels great
for the runners...
breeze by short, I'm sorry but how cute are these?
yurbuds armband, the clear screen on this is still touch sensitive so you can change your music without having to take your phone out
nike free, finally got some frees! 

I've recently been trying out hot yoga and have really enjoyed it. I used to think the heat would make me feel claustrophobic, but there is something so cleansing about it. Barre is my number one work out of choice. It is a combination of yoga, pilates and ballet. As a former dancer, it works great for me. Then there is the traditional running outside. Sometimes there is nothing better than getting some fresh air with a morning run.
What is your favorite way to work out? May I suggest barre3 or hot yoga! 
xo annie