Bites of My Life

Friends with babies and friends getting married, this weekend had me feeling way to young for all of that. It also made me realize I am totally fine with feeling young. I'm at that perfect middle ground stage where I have just enough responsibility to feel mature, but not enough where I can still lay in bed till noon and not feel bad about it. After catching up with sweet friends this weekend, and getting to gush about life after graduating, I was repeatedly reminded how much I love it.

-When your past and present job come together, insert clapping hands emoji.
-Return of one of my favorite breakfasts, savory oatmeal with a poached egg and hot sauce.
-I didn't plan it, but I think Thursday's popcorn and wine filled Shonda Rimes watch party, crosses #5 off the TDL!
-Oh lordy, Kathleen made this cashew cream and it's pretty much the most amazing thing I've had in a while. She made it as a dip for fruit, but saved me a little jar for snacking. The jar was way to small because I finished it off before I even got home from her house, did I mention she lives right around the corner from me? This is your push to make more Kat!
-Friday morning with me, myself and I. My local Whole Foods is offering $0.25 oatmeal through the 27th and you can bet I'm going to take them up on this deal a few too many times. 
-The perks of being obsessed with food results in friends dropping off grocery sized bags of farm grown green tomatoes for you. These are being turned into tonight's dinner!
-White chicken chili packaged up for an easy dinner for my favorite new momma.
-Dropping off dinner meant a chance to finally meet baby Juniper!
-A big bite shoutout to these two!


Recipe Dump

Today I'm dumping five new recipes on you guys. Yes, five recipes, in one post. I love to come home after work and unwind by getting dinner together then plopping down on the couch to watch Scandal or Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives #guiltypleasures.

I've been cooking up some good stuff, but nothing that has quite formulated itself into a recipe post. Today is sort of a cheated recipe post. I'm sharing some great meals, but all recipes I've grabbed from other food bloggers of just thrown together. If you follow me on Instagram you'll recognize these meals. From shrimp stir fry to oatmeal, the gangs all here. Scroll through for five recipes, with links, notes and how-to's, to get a few great meal ideas!

Harvest Produce Salad with Sriracha Cider Dressing recipe via Love and Lemons

Changes I made: I did not roast the apple. These seemed strange to me and I like the crisp crunch of a fresh apple. I also used frozen corn and just roasted it on the same pan as the tomatoes and potatoes for the last 10 minutes. Instead of chipotle paste I used sriracha. I also used blue cheese instead of feta. 

Middle Eastern Chicken recipe via Camille Styles

Changes I made: I used fresh mint in the marinade instead of dried. I did not skewer the chicken, I cut it into small pieces and then grilled it. I added some cherry tomatoes to the dish by roasting with olive oil, salt and pepper at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes. I also made white basmati rice and added turmeric, cumin, cinnamon and a little butter to serve the chicken and tomatoes on. Lastly, I topped the whole thing with a little garlic yogurt and lemon sauce I made and more fresh mint!

Shrimp and Broccoli Stir Fry recipe via  Damn Delicious

Changes I made: I used tamari instead of soy sauce and didn't add oyster sauce, only because I didn't have any. I also almost ate the whole pan in one sitting, the recipe didn't say to do that...

Pumpkin Oatmeal recipe via Purely Elizabeth

Changes I made: I used water instead of milk and added in some nutmeg as well!

Acai Bowl recipe via me

1  Sambazon frozen acai pack (Oklahomies you can find these at Sprouts)
1/2 cup frozen berries
1/2 frozen banana
1/2 to 1 cup almond milk or coconut water
toppings - granola, more fruit, cocoa nibs, coconut, gogi berries, hemp seeds etc.

Starting with a half cup of liquid, blend everything in a blender. Add more liquid if needed but you want it to be thick! Pour into a bowl and load on the toppings. Extra granola recommended. 

Molly said it best yesterday when she described this stage of life as a wonderful whirlwind. Their are new adventures, new challenges and new ways to manage time. Just because I don't have the same amount of time to put together a legit recipe post doesn't mean I can't share some wonderful bites from this wonderful whirlwind!


Bites of My Life

Looks like Tuesday bites really are becoming a thing... Last week was like the few days leading up until Christmas. I could barely sleep and couldn't count down the hours fast enough until I was going to back with all my gals. A quick trip to Tejas to all reunite and also send hugs and kisses to our girl Meg before she lets the Europeans take her for a year! 
Lots of catching up happened over copious amounts of rose' and Joe T's margaritas. The volume instantly went up 10 notches when we all got back in the same room. I'm full to the top with happiness after this weekend!
-It's funny how healthy the week always starts and how unhealthy it ends...
-Got on on a serious acai bowl kick. Topped with lots of extra fruit and granola make them totally fulfilling for a healthy dinner. Not to mention so refreshing in this scorching heat.
-Are you following me on Snapchat yet (annietucker93)? No? Then you missed my step by step snaps showing how to make a perfect poached egg! 
-Said farewell to our mermaid friend Trin as she moved to her new home in Florida! Wine and cheese softened up the sadness.
-Loved gushing about my this local product and their new almond butter bar. Did you catch the post?
-Said hello and goodbye to another bestie. London called and said you should just stay in America.
-Ulti weekend all being back together, except for that whole having to say goodbye thing again.
-Took advantage of being in Texas and being in close proximity to a Trader Joe's. Goodies on goodies  crossed the border with me!
-Quinoa fried rice from Shinsei was blowing my mind! Learned a new trick for my version at home, recipe post coming this week!

Bites of My Life

Tuesday bites? This can be a thing I suppose. After a handful of conversations with GoDaddy and pulling a few hairs out, they got me back up and running, and now here we are a day late on bites. Just rolling with the punches over here! 

Last week consisted of fantabulous almond butter that you are missing out on if you didn't read the post, sharing my summer to-do list, taking my favorite workout outside, trying to be grown up and learning how to budget (I highly recommend this website), celebrating yet another fabulous weekend, and as always, some delicious bites. This weekend though I will be reunited with my closest friends as we say welcome home and farewell! Everyone has been scattered this summer and we are about to be scattered even farther apart. It will be bites worthy next Monday (well let's hope I can actually get it posted on it's correct day).
-Homemade AB. This recipe is a keeper for sure.
-This is me putting everything in the fridge on a grilled tortilla and pretending its pizza.
-Summer TDL. Time to get crackin'
-Sneak peek at what's coming in a post this week!
-My new favorite granola all packaged up for a freebie snack from Whole Foods after Barre3 on the Lawn!
-Weekends well spent with old and new friends! 
-Pumped to finally try Pump Bar brunch. That is maple blueberry sausage.
-Dad and I whipping up a homemade version of our favorite snack!
-Cliche #Nationalicecreamday at Roxy's.

Bites of My Life

Four day week let's go!!! Bring on the holiday weekend. I'm staying close this 4th and doing a little staycation for the holiday. Dinners, parades, pool parties, barbecue and of course fireworks are on the lineup for the weekend.  Just have to power through four work days then it's celebration time. 
I've always loved the 4th. I love a good holiday and I love tradition. I'll be fully decked in red, white and blue all day and most likely will be baking up something festive. The weekends are too fun these days they make the week worth it to always have something to look forward to! What's on deck for your Fourth of July?
-Whipped up a big batch of greek quinoa for work lunches, packs perfectly in little mason jars.
-Got really fun responses to people trying out my "perfect green smoothie." Loved this insta shout out from my girls Madison and Peyton.
-Greek quinoa transformed into dinner by being piled up into a roasted bell pepper (washed down with handfuls of chips and salsa)...
-Had the day off Friday so I took the morning outside for a little green tea and yoga. 
-Followed my peaceful healthy morning with a big greasy onion cheese burger and fries. It was worth it. 
-It's been far too long since I baked so I broke in my new kitchen with two sweet recipes, both coming this week!
-Finally all in the same city and under the same roof, cheers to these summer roomies. 
-I'm a bottomless pit on the weekends so a snack of breakfast tacos at 4 PM on Saturday somehow happened. 
-A little night out in the city making me grateful for this place I live in.