On My Radar

Sharing a few things that are making me excited, curious and anxious.

I'm leaving tomorrow to see John Mayer. I can't wait. His new single "Paper Doll" has been on repeat all week. Getting anxious for his next album, coming out August 13!
I cut quite a bit of my hair off back in the spring, but I'm feeling the itch to go even shorter. My hairdresser laughed when I said I wanted to go short, meaning right above my shoulders. She sports an edgy almost pixy cut, so short to her means really short. I'm not that adventurous, but I think it's time for another chop! Gwyneth is my go to hair style icon.

Brace yourself. Word on the street is that overalls are coming back. Call me crazy, but I'm kind of excited about it. I'm interested to see if the trend will take off again. Overalls seem to have gotten a bad rep after they went out of style a while ago, but come on they are so practical! You don't need a belt, they usually have tons of pockets, and they are comfy! I wonder if Gap will recreate the purple corduroy pair I used to love when I was 5.

I found this picture last week on Pinterest. With the 100+ degree temps we are having, all I want is to throw my hair up. I'm getting a little tired of the fun buns, headbands and braids. On the hunt for some little silk scarves to tie my hair up with!

xo annie