Bites of My Life

Spring has sprung in Oklahoma. Besides today being the first day of spring, the temperatures are equally cooperating. We had a few chilly days last week followed by amazing warm temperatures. Trees are turning green and flowers are blooming.

In a sense of winter ending, a few other things ended for me last week. Well in terms of TV shows...I finished the 4th season of Scandal on Netflix and The Bachelor also came to a close. With a new season comes new things too! I've started Big Little Lies, anyone else? Spring cleaning has also been in order. I cleared out my winter sweaters, and brought in all my spring tops and dresses. My closet has a lot more color now. Nothing feels better than the arrival of spring after a long dead winter.

-Last week I read about all the benefits of rose for your body. Went to All About Cha and my eyes went straight to their rose tea. 
-So I ate spaghetti squash for a solid three weeks straight. It's so satisfying, I just couldn't stop. Been adding nutritional yeast to give it that cheesy taste. So basically I'm faking spaghetti and cheese with squash and yeast...
-Perfect Bars, have your tried them? They are in the refrigerated section at your grocery store. The Blueberry Cashew is my favorite! And the new Turmeric Tantric GTS Kombucha is incredible. And the red buds blooming in OKC are equally incredible.  
-Tip: Load all of your smoothie ingredients (minus the liquids) into your blender the night before, then the next morning you shaved a solid 2 minutes off your smoothie routine.
-Hooked on my Matcha Mint Smoothie last week. 
-The hot bar at Provision Kitchen in Nichols Hills should be your healthy lunch go-to. P.S. Whitney, the owner, told me they are about to expand the hot bar to be bigger and better coming in the next month.
-Coffee Glazed Cashews (new) at Trader Joe's. Run don't walk to buy them. 
-When it's the end of the week and your fridge is almost empty, turn your mis-matched food into an omelette!
-Felt like a frenchie with this quiche and arugula lunch. Pro tip, this is the spinach, mushroom frozen quiche from Trader Joe's. And it's delicious. 
-St. Patrick's day got all it's deserved celebrations this weekend!
-So I started Whole 30 again...and my Crock-Pot Carnitas are about to rock dinner this week. Served in a lettuce wrap with pickled red onions and avocado!
-When your hanger color coordinates with your sweater. My inner OCDness loved this.