Bites of My Life

Bye January!!!!! Blah blah month is officially over! February, I am welcoming you with open arms. I can already tell you are going to kick January's tush. February holds the first sights of spring, fresh blooms, valentine's day, chocolate, red and pink, kings cake, mardi gras, and a leap year. I feel like since it only comes around every four years, a leap year has to hold some kind of good luck!

Last week was a little bit of yay and a little bit of nay. Some delicious bites per usual, lots of baking, weather over 60 degrees, new recipes, new restaurants, and the end of the Barre3 challenge. Farewell Jan, bonjour Feb! 

-My sister is a granola making machine, and I'll be honest it kind of bugs me how much better she is at it than me. Yes I admitted it. I have repeatedly failed at homemade granola, BUT, I did it, I finally made the most perfect batch of granola and I haven't been this proud in a while. Follow this recipe and you can too!
-Getting my greens in to help finish the #barre3challenge strong.
-The most satisfying non-guilty sweet treat -- caramel rice cake with almond butter and coconut chips.
-Loving everything in Giada's new cookbook, especially these black bean brownies
-An egg baked in a sweet potato, there is nothing wrong with this. 
-No concert like a country concert. Thanks Randy Rogers.
-It was gorgeous outside on Saturday, but I couldn't help but stay in and bake up a kitchen of sweets. Lots of recipes shared with friends and family and soon to y'all!
-Thankful for a family that tags along while I drag them to places outside of their comfort zone. Even better when they love it. OKC's new modern korean, Chae, is a win!
-Ended the last day of the #barre3challenge with one last Barre3 meal of their Ginger Chicken Stir-Fry.