Bites of My Life

I had (still have) a kleenex to my nose all weekend, and got prettttty bored doing nothing, but it was nice to use my cold as an excuse to do absolutely nothing this weekend. I”m sure it helped, but I’m still trying to ward off a cold. However, lot’s of hot tea, Christmas movies and time on the couch doesn’t leave me much to complain about!

bites 281.jpg

-I just love the way my house glows this time of year.
-Merriest and brightest place in the city!
-My newest MBM’s that I can’t get enough of!
-Last day with our beloved intern at work, so tacos and a few tears were put on the agenda.
-Did I mention I love the way my house glows this time of year?
-Friday night in with a head cold, so I opted to clear out my sinuses with this easy at home curry. Just frozen stir fry veggies with coconut milk, spices and a little cornstarch to thicken.
-We were supposed to get snowed in this weekend but not even a flake of snow showed up. I was set on some snow day baking, so gingerbread men were still made with White Christmas on in the background.
-Had a visitor show up during my baking, but she had no interest in being my sous chef.
-We gifted my mom a cooking class at the new Sur La Table for her birthday back in October. We finally had our class last night and loved it! Loved the food we made even more - pork chops with verde sauce over polenta with mushroom ragu.