Bites of My Life

In typical Oklahoma behavior, we had been enjoying touches of spring until winter came back and hit us hard. Last week brought snow, ice and freezing temps. A few snow days here and there didn't have me complaining. After getting through the week with a test, work and school assignments, I unwinded with a friend's birthday then lazy nights at home. Mom bribed me with all the snow day foods she stocked up on I couldn't resist! 
-Avocado toast and broiled grapefruit are my two obsessions these days. They sure do bring some brightness to the dull winter days.
-Coconut curried lentils. Good for the body and warm to the bones. Recipe found here
-Played the part of my dream job in last week's restaurant review post.
-Added a fun addition to the site. Click through to my new "Hire Me" tab to see what's up!
-Double Cinnamon Scones recipe is posted. They are perfectly delicious for breakfast, dessert or an afternoon treat.
-Working a job that always has the best catered food is pleasing to the tummy but not quite to the waistline. You're looking at fried green tomato BLT' ugh how do your resist?
-Had to be big girl Annie at a fancy pants luncheon last week.
-Cool thing was that I didn't mind at all considering the luncheon was honoring the Tom BrokawMy school awarded Mr. Brokaw with the Gaylord Prize on Thursday. I sat amongst fellow Journalism college students, professors, alum, and esteemed media professionals. I was having one of those geek-out, I love my school, moments.
-All about that citrus in the winter, even if it looks like a tumor is growing on it.
-Snow days at home are snow days well spent. 
-Walked in to Williams-Sonoma and the Girl Scouts too easily lured us in. We shamelessly walked out with four boxes. 
-Why choose when you can have both? Samoas and trefoils tie for first in my book.