Spring Scouting

Hi spring! You are welcomed here with open arms. If you are like me you are so ready for some fresh new spring clothes and products. I'm at that point where I wake up to get ready and everything in my closet is so tired and blah. I'm ready for bright spring colors to come back into my life. A few ways I'm copying with my dreary winter duds is by adding a little color through my bags and accessories. My dear friends at Scout are fueling this fire with their bright and stylish spring line. 

If you know me or have read this blog at all over the past few years, you know my love for Scout and how I spent a summer interning for them. Cue my D.C. Diary posts if you need a recap. They recently launched their new spring collection and I am falling hard for it. The styles are perfectly crafted and the designs are chic as ever. 

My absolute favorite bag/pattern from the new collection is the Golden Girl Grande in Diamond Ink. It has been toted all around town with me the past couple weeks. It's the perfect bag for happy hour drinks or a night out, but casual enough for breakfast with friends. I love a good clutch because you can always throw it into your larger bag and still have everything you need with out having to switch from bag to bag. 

I rounded up more of my favorite styles in my favorite new patterns. Click through to start scouting out your new spring pieces! Take a minute or two to notice each pattern name and bag description. The crew at Scout HQ is insanely witty! They kill me with their punny names such as Fleetwood Black and Reef Witherspoon.  

The BJ Bag // Duffy //  3-Way // Sprit Chillah // Original Deano // Golden Girl Grande // Golden Girl Medio // Pleasure Chest // Trash Cache // Carry'All Bin // Big Draw // Bacall // Nooner // Hang-10 // Two Plate Special // Junque Trunk

Scout is constantly creating and designing more and more functional bags to fit every nitch of your life. From the office to the gym, to your lunch hour to backyard cookouts, to moving to a new house to just taking a weekend trip. When I think they've done it all, they do it again. Hence why my collection is ever growing. Below is just a glimpse at my personal collection, junque trunks, trash cache, deano, 3-way and hang-10 not pictured... #scoutbags #myscoutbag #SCOUTern.



Sunday morning started at about 6:45 a.m. when my alarm went off. I threw on my most comfortable shopping clothes then jumped in the car (coffee in hand obviously) to go pick up my sister. 
We arrived to the OKC Target by 7:30. It wasn't too surprising to see we were only second in line. Oklahoma doesn't quite know greatness when it happens. Philip Lim's collection for Target was greatness.
sitting, waiting, wishing 
We anxiously awaited until they unlocked the doors at 8:00, by this time there was a little more of a line behind us. Being the crazy shoppers everyone was, we took off running.
we dug through piles of purses still on the stock carts
Kathleen and I had a plan of attack. We pretty much have the same taste so we made a plan to grab two of anything we liked. We met back up with a huge pile of clothes and arms full of purses.
favorites in hand...to the register!
I was really only interested in the purses, and happily found two I loved! kathleen snagged a tote, dress and skirt!

by 8:30 my stomach was growling, so pumpkin spice m&m's seemed like an appropriate choice to curb my appetite!

Below are the mini satchel and taupe tote I walked away with! I'm very pleased with my purchases. Even after my stress a few weeks ago to find the perfect fall bag, I knew in the back of my mind I wanted to wait to see the Philip Lim bags. Good thing I waited!
If you weren't quite as ambitious to be at Target bright and early Sunday morning I encourage you to go see what's left! I was underwhelmed by the clothes but all of the bags were fabulous!

Bag Lady

This weekend in Dallas I was on the hunt for a new fall bag. Unfortunately, it was a complete strikeout. I said I wouldn't shop online for a purse, frankly because I am the worst online shopper, but I couldn't resist to at least try.
I think I might have come up with some potential prospects. What do you guys think? Any standouts? I am the worst at purse shopping and I need help!

bag lady