Best and Worst

Today I bring you my cliche` post-oscars fashion blog post. I'm slipping into the blogger mold and giving you this extremely average, but expected post. Agree or disagree, here are my best and worst dressed picks from Sunday's Award Show. 
Best dressed goes to...
Naomi Watts was my personal favorite. She was rocking my favorite neckline and had the cutest bob to pair. I can't even imagine how heavy Lupita's custom Calvin Klein pearl dress was but it was gorgeous on her. Red on the red carpet is always a winner for me, Rosamund Pike was no exception. Giuliana was another ruby red winner! Lastly, I loved Zoa Saldana's blushy nude dress, very simple but so pretty. 

Worst dressed goes to...
Anna Kendrick looked like she bought her dress at Serendipity and is going to her junior prom. Nicole Kidman took a trip back to the '90s in this iridescent get-up. I think I had a similar version of Sienna Miller's bow dress when I was 10. Bravo for your Best Actress win Julianne but your dress didn't win it for me. 
Sometimes you've just got to submerge to cultural cliche's and give the people what they want. So hope you enjoyed this Oscars round up. But now I'm curious, what were your best and worst dressed?