J.R. Designs + Giveaway

I've think I've mentioned before how I'm not a huge jewelry person. Not because I don't want to be, I'm just worlds worst at buying jewelry. My mom and sister on the other hand; the best. I think I've asked Kathleen to buy me jewelry for the last several holidays and birthdays. Outside of my everyday pearl studs, watch and tiny gold rings, I rarely stray away. I've been pushing my limits recently and totally jumped on the tassel earring game (way out of my comfort zone). I now have a new jewelry brand that is getting me away from my everyday teeny cross necklace.

I'm so excited to share J.R. Designs with you today. These chic and stylish necklaces are perfect for any outfit, occasion, day or night. I've been throwing mine on with basically everything. Look at me go wearing big jewelry (small applause)!!!

Jordan Richardson, the master designer behind these creations, grew up in OKC and attends SMU for college. I got to meet Jordan last week to chat about her business and all things necklaces.

Jordan started J.R. Designs about a year ago right after she started her freshman year at Southern Methodist University. How she balanced a new business and school is beyond me, but bravo to you girlfriend! After coveting similar necklaces in high end boutiques, Jordan looked past their high end price tags and went to making her own version. 

She didn't start with the intention of it becoming a business, but after wearing her first necklace around campus, girls were flocking toward her design asking for their own. The business formed right in front of her and she ran with it!   

Jordan now makes necklaces in all different shapes, sizes and designs. She is locally based in OKC and Dallas but ships nationwide. The best part of J.R. Designs is the price. The whole reason she started was to avoid dropping $150+ on a necklace, so you can find all of her pieces typically under $50. Music to my ears!!

Now for the part that is probably music to your ears. Jordan was sweet enough to give away one of her unique designs to one lucky Take A Bite reader! Head over to my Instagram to see how to enter!

If you are located in OKC make sure you stop into Gretta Sloane this Thursday, July 21st for a J.R. Designs Trunk Show! Jordan will be selling a slew of necklaces that you won't want to miss. Open from 10am-7pm on Thursday, Gretta will be celebrating their anniversary with food trucks, sales and of course, J.R. Designs!

And now to get to know Jordan and J.R. Designs a little better...

A: How did J.R. Designs get started? Give me some background on your biz?
JR: I started J.R. Designs my first semester of my freshman year at SMU. Because we don't rush at SMU until second semester, I needed a hobby to keep me busy. I have always loved these kinds of necklaces but they were well out of my price range. I searched on Etsy for fun, beaded necklaces but could never find exactly what I wanted. Therefore, I got creative and made my own (the first one being in SMU colors, of course). I wore it to a Boulevard (our version of a tailgate) and received lots of compliments and so many people asking me where I bought it. From there, a business was born! 

I wanted to start selling these necklaces at affordable prices to girls around my age. I originally imagined mostly college girls buying my necklaces, but now my audience includes not only them, but also lots of younger and older girls. People ask me why I don't raise the price of my necklaces, but that is not the reason I make them. By raising the prices, I lose my target audience. My goal was to sell affordable jewelry for people who don't necessarily want to pay $100+ for fashion jewelry, and that is just what I am doing. I love being able to sell people necklaces that they may not have been able to afford otherwise. The best part is hearing feedback from my customers telling me about all of the compliments they get.

A: What does an average jewelry making day look like?
JR: It's not every day that I get to just sit down and make necklaces. Unfortunately, everyday life gets in the way, but I do set aside "necklace making days." I generally buy my beads in bulk and once I have them in my hands, I start making them right away. I sit at my workstation, turn on Netflix, and begin make necklaces for hours. I'm fortunate because I never get bored of it. I enjoy being creative to come up with original pieces, no necklace is ever the same.

A: Had you ever made jewelry before you started JRD?
JR: When I was little I used to make friendship bracelets out of string if you want to count that. Otherwise, no, it is new to me!
(Hello embroidery floss bracelets-my life when I was younger!)

A: What is your favorite J.R. Design you have made? 
JR: I can't pick one necklace in specific, but I love the arrowhead ones. I didn't originally buy the arrowhead stones because my mom didn't like them and told me people would not buy them. Well, this goes to show you that mother doesn't always know best because the arrowheads have ended up being my best sellers! 

A: Starbucks order?
JR: Call me crazy, but I am not a Starbucks fan. In fact, I have never even tried coffee! I know that if I try it once I may get addicted so I'm better off sparing my wallet and not trying it at all.

A: Sweet or salty?
JR: Salty. Don't get me wrong, I love sweets, but I generally find myself craving salty foods. My mom bakes all of the time so I am constantly surrounded by sweets which, oddly enough, makes me crave them less.

A: Favorite show to binge watch on Netflix?
JR: The Office and Gossip Girl...hellooo Chuck Bass and Jim Halpert. Just don't ask me to choose between those two shows, both are addicting! 

A: Favorite bite?
JR: This is a hard one because I love food so much. For the most part I am a healthy eater but all bets are off when it comes to pizza. Also, add this to your list next time you go to Trader Joe's, "Reduced Guilt Guacamole." I can easily go through one a day. Luckily there is a Trader Joe's right by me in Dallas, but for now Tulsa is the closest option. Honestly, the 1.5 hour drive may be worth it.
(I'm impatiently waiting for the OKC location to open in September. Reduced Guilt Guacamole is at the top of my list to purchase once it does!)

To order your own J.R. Design you can contact Jordan by email jmrich2010@gmail.com or phone 405-250-7866 (ships nationwide). Make sure to follow her Instagram @j.r.designs for new designs and styles!


Out of the Box

I've got a new one for you, one that takes things slightly out of the box, literally. June Box is bringing a new approach to gift giving. No shopping, wrapping or shipping hassle when you use June Box. The thought and crafting that Carson and Katie Rock have put into June Box makes it a stand out in my eyes. 

Last week I got to sit down with this husband/wife co-founder duo. They greeted me with fresh baked beer bread, and instantly had me hooked. I got the inside scoop on why they started June Box, got to see how each box is put together and hear all about what is ahead for this new company. With a passion for starting their own business, the idea came and they ran with it. They wanted to make the process of gift giving easy. They have found the products, designed the packaging, ship each box and even include a hand written note to make your gift fit each recipient personally and perfectly. 

Since graduating school my friends are spread far and wide. How nice to be able to send a friend a gift for their birthday, when they start a new job, move into a new home, or to just send them a little box of sunshine. 

They have boxes in a range of themes for all of life's occasions. Boxes for your BFF, your bridesmaid, your mom, your boy, the little ones and the furry ones. Getting married? June Box can even handle your welcome gifts for out of town guests.

The products Carson and Katie have rounded up is what makes June Box stand out to me. Each box includes items you would actually use and want. One of my favorite boxes is the You Knead It box. It includes a package of beer bread mix, a tea towel and a butter knife. The perfect thing to send to your friend a few states over who just moved into her first big girl apartment. Biased because I got to try the bread and it's stinking good, but really, you knead it. 

Q&A with Carson and Katie:

Where did you get the name, June Box?  June is the month we got married in, but we also wanted something short, simple and available on social platforms which made us land on "June Box" 

What is June Box’s mantra?  Thoughtfully curated and hand packed gift boxes for all occasions. 

Where do you see June Box going in the future?  Our goal is to make gift giving easier. We want to give people a way to still put thought into their gifts, but have the convenience of online shopping. We are constantly trying to grow our assortment so we have gifts for any occasion you could want to send a box. We're looking forward to a "build a box" option and a full lineup of wedding boxes coming out soon! 

What’s an average day in the June Box world?  On a average day we'll ship out the previous day's boxes (we try to get all boxes delivered within 3 days of your order), update all our social platforms, reach out to new vendors, and continue building out new parts of our website. We also like spending time meeting with future brides and business owners about customized bulk orders at our storefront in OKC (open by appointment only). 

Which is your favorite box?
Carson = "You Knead It" I can't get enough of the Soberdough beer bread mix in this box.
Katie = "RelaxI love the colors of this box, all the products are great, and there are so many occasions to give someone this box! 

Any tips for entrepreneurs?  Go for it! If you have an idea you want to pursue, we'd tell you to jump right in and make it happen. We saved for a year to start this business and Katie still works full time at an oil company while Carson works part time doing consulting. We're excited to be making June Box go from a dream to a reality and for an entrepreneur there is no better feeling than seeing something you've dreamed up actually take shape. So we'd say do what it takes to get your business started as soon as you can! 

Favorite bite?  Carson = Ribs. I love barbeque anywhere, but the ribs at Red Rock Canyon Grill are at the top of my list right now. Katie = chips and queso!

Guilty pleasure?  Carson = AM talk radio/documentaries, I'm kind of a nerd sometimes. Katie = Dancing with the stars. Last season was the first time I had ever watched it, but I'm totally hooked! 

Now for the really fun part. Want a June Box sent to you? Enter the June Box/Take A Bite giveaway for the chance to receive your very on box on your doorstep! June Box is giving away one of their most popular boxes, Ray of Sunshine. Comes from the idea that you can send someone a little sunshine! See below for how to enter!

To enter the giveaway:

1. Follow both @shopjunebox and myself.

2. Tag three friends you would send a June Box to!

Winner will be announced Thursday morning!

Make sure to follow June Box on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to say up to date with all the JB happenings! 


Take a Step + GIVEAWAY

Take a step, get it? Cheesy right, I love it! Today we are taking a step into some of the cutest sandals. The adorable Keerti approached me a few weeks ago with her fab shoe line, Keercha, and I'm so excited to share her designs with you on Take a Bite!

Keerti is an OU grad like myself, currently working in Oklahoma City, and has an incredible eye for fashion and accessories inspired by her roots in India. Each summer growing up Keerti would travel to India to visit her family. With her niche for fashion she would pick up beautiful textiles and have them made into clothes from inspiration pictures she had. While on a post-grad trip to India, Keerti went full force into designing clothes and her adorable sandals. She even held a trunk show while there to showcase her designs.

I mean how fab are those clothes? I can't wait for Keercha to be a full blown line so I can get my hands on some of those babies. Now back in Oklahoma, and back to the grind, Keerti has big plans to dive head first into launching her brand. I couldn't be more proud, excited and jealous of her chasing her dream! Keerti and I got to sit down last week and gab about all things post grad, creative, local and fashionable! She showed me her inspiration and where she sees the brand going and y'all, it's going to be good. Keercha is about to be the next big thing.

Currently Keerti is looking to get her sandals sold so that she can move forward with getting her full fall collection launched. Gorgeous scarves and clutches are coming next! All of her sandal designs are shown below. Every pattern has a traditional Indian name attached to it.

Diya-Blue Diamond / Tani-circle flower / Myra-Black / Sari-Blue / Aniya-Pink / Rani-Colorful / Anui-Pink and Orange

If you would like to order a pair of sandals you can contact Keerti directly via email 


with your size and color choice. All sandals are $39.99 but if you mention Take a Bite you will receive 15% off your order!

Now that we are all obsessed with Keerti's sandals, let's get know this budding entrepreneur a little better...

A: Give me some background on you (upbringing, school, interests).
K: Born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I’m Indian and my culture and heritage has been a huge part of my life and has influenced my sense of fashion. I graduated from Union and went to school in Dallas and then to OU for college and graduated in December 2014. I love to shop, travel the world, I am super artsy and creative as a person and I love accessorizing and basically giving everything I do (create) my personal touch.

A: Where did you get the idea for Shop Keercha? How did you get your start.
K: Fashion has always been a passion in my life and I’ve always seen myself as a creative person. The part of my day that I look most forward to is dressing up ever since I was five years. I love putting together outfits and accessorizing which got me to work on my own clothing line and it all started with me making my own clothes in India while I would visit my family for the summer and experimenting with different styles and fabrics got me more excited about new cloths and outfits. Once I got back and showcased my own outfits, I instantly had so many people wanting to know where my clothes were from and how cute and chic they were which eventually got me to design my own clothing line and set up a pop up shop to see people’s response to my designing and ideas. While I was in India, I went to pick out various fabrics and materials to work on about 25-30 outfits for the pop-up shop and while working on the clothing, I also thought it would be neat to showcase some accessories, so I thought why not shoes for the summer and that got me to work on my shoe line. I enjoy fashion and being able to play with fabrics and designs to create my unique look.

A: Where do you want your brand to go? What’s your 5 year goal?
K: I see Keercha as a brand with a large variety of products for girls our age. I envision a shoe line, clothing, and all kinds of accessories (jewelry, scarves, purses, etc.). In 5 years, I want to be a recognizable name in the fashion world, and I see myself as a successful young entrepreneur.

A: Describe your style in 3 words.
K: Chic, Classic and Colorful

A: Coffee or tea?
K: Tea

A: Guilty pleasure?
K: Desserts

A: Favorite bite?
K: Anything Mexican

A: Favorite rom com?
K: Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Now what I know you all have really been waiting for...the GIVEAWAY! Keerti is giving one TAB reader a free pair of your choice of Keercha sandals! All you have to do is head over to my Instagram, give @shopkeercha a follow, and let me know you did by tagging to friends! Winners will be announced Thursday!

These sandals are a must right now and the perfect way to hold on to summer for a few more weeks. I can't wait to strut them around Cali next week!

Stay tuned for all that is to come for Keercha, follow along on Instagram @shopkeercha! Keerti will be taking orders on sandals until she runs out! Orders placed at shopkeercha@gmail.com and don't forget to mention TAB to get 15% off your order.



Back by popular demand! I'm not sure if I've had as much readership on a post as I did on my last Beaded by W giveaway! Whitney is my awe-inspiring entrepreneur sorority sis and also the owner and creator of Beaded by W

Since the last giveaway I did with Whitney, she has taken her business and expanded it tremendously. Whitney knew her jewelry business was her passion, so for the past six months she has completely followed her heart and put everything into growing her business. Talk about a lesson in going after your goals!

We've been talking about doing another giveaway since our last one and the time is finally here. Today I'm giving away one of Whitney's wrap bracelets. I'm a little sad I have to give it away because I want to keep it for myself! The beads are strung on a stretchy band so you can wrap them as tight as you want around your wrist. P.S. it's super comfy!

Peruse Whitney's site and see all the new additions she's added to her jewelry repertoire, my favorite are the new horn necklaces.  To enter: comment below with your favorite Beaded by W piece or tag two friends on my Instagram (bonus points if you do both)! Good luck! Winner will be announced Wednesday a.m.

Find Whit on InstagramFacebook and her Website!



**UPDATE** Claire is now taking orders for custom 5x7 prints! Follow along on Instagram or email  her at clairemartindesigns@gmail.com to order!
I have some pretty great friends, and as you can see, some pretty talented ones too.  Claire is one of my dear friends, she was my freshman roommate and now, a secret artist. She's been holding out on us. 
Claire is an interior design major and has always had an eye for style. With her artsy instincts, she started doing these adorable sketches in her free time. You can't find them anywhere but hiding in her sketch book, so I took the initiative to show off her talent to all of you. 

I've mentioned it before, but I'm pretty fond of Valentine's Day. A day filled with pink and candy and love? I see nothing wrong with that. To share a little love around the holiday I had Claire draw up these Valentine prints to GIVEAWAY to you! I'll be giving away two 5 x 7 prints, so keep reading to find out how you can enter! 

Claire also drew up this adorable sketch that I had to snatch for myself! It's now proudly sitting on my desk and the background on my phone. 
But honestly, how good is she? The girl needs to open an Etsy shop or get a website so we can start buying these. Maybe this post will help push her;)

So, want to be the lucky winner of one of these prints? There are a few ways to enter...
1. Like Take A Bite on Facebook
2. Comment on this post 
2. Comment by tagging two friends on my Instagram
Enter one way or all three, the more ways you enter the better chance you have at winning! Let me know in the comments how you entered. Two winners will be announced Friday at noon!