Bites of My Life

Looks like Tuesday bites really are becoming a thing... Last week was like the few days leading up until Christmas. I could barely sleep and couldn't count down the hours fast enough until I was going to back with all my gals. A quick trip to Tejas to all reunite and also send hugs and kisses to our girl Meg before she lets the Europeans take her for a year! 
Lots of catching up happened over copious amounts of rose' and Joe T's margaritas. The volume instantly went up 10 notches when we all got back in the same room. I'm full to the top with happiness after this weekend!
-It's funny how healthy the week always starts and how unhealthy it ends...
-Got on on a serious acai bowl kick. Topped with lots of extra fruit and granola make them totally fulfilling for a healthy dinner. Not to mention so refreshing in this scorching heat.
-Are you following me on Snapchat yet (annietucker93)? No? Then you missed my step by step snaps showing how to make a perfect poached egg! 
-Said farewell to our mermaid friend Trin as she moved to her new home in Florida! Wine and cheese softened up the sadness.
-Loved gushing about my this local product and their new almond butter bar. Did you catch the post?
-Said hello and goodbye to another bestie. London called and said you should just stay in America.
-Ulti weekend all being back together, except for that whole having to say goodbye thing again.
-Took advantage of being in Texas and being in close proximity to a Trader Joe's. Goodies on goodies  crossed the border with me!
-Quinoa fried rice from Shinsei was blowing my mind! Learned a new trick for my version at home, recipe post coming this week!

Bites of My Life

A busy but great week getting things done while still having fun. I mentioned how much fun we had last weekend at the rodeo, so we couldn't resist the rodeo round 2. Fun weekends really fill up my cup. 
Before heading out of town I had a fun blogger collaboration, a giveaway post and some extra blog support. This all helped remind me why I really love Take a Bite and the reason I do it. I've also been so inspired by friends starting new adventures in business, blogging and future plans. It's such a trying and changing season for my friends and I, but so exciting seeing things unveil in front of us. 
-With all online classes and a work-from-home internship, I spend a lot of time staring at my computer. I have been relying on the socialization aspect of coffee shops to get my work done without going crazy sitting in my house all day. 
-White fish topped with a grapefruit, avocado and feta salsa with roasted purple sweet potatoes on the side for Monday's dinner. A "use what you've got" version of this
-It's so much fun connecting with other bloggers, especially when food is involved. Did you catch my recipe swap with The Everyday Adventurer last week?
-A veggie wrap balanced out with beer battered fries during a work lunch testing out the new Slaughter's Hall in Deep Deuce OKC!
-Boomer for our Sooners!
-Provence 1970, a story about iconic foodies and friends such as Julia Child and M. F. K. Fisher. I'm trying to read more in 2015 and this rec by Molly seemed right up my alley. 
-So much fun highlighting my great friend Claire and her artistic ability on TAB last week! She is now taking orders for 5x7 prints! Email her at and follow on Instagram
-Back to Fort Worth on Friday for a Rodeo weekend round 2. We started off with an amazing and healthy lunch at Pacific Table where I got this beautiful brussels sprout salad. 
-Took advantage of the beautiful Texas weather for Saturday brunch on the patio at Joe T. Garcias. 
-Love playing cowgirl with my girl Megs!
-This ain't my first rodeo anymore! Beer, bulls, and cowboys at the final round of the FWSSR!
-Another great Fort Worth weekend under our belt finished off with sushi outside at Central Market before heading home!

Bites of My Life

Finally getting in the swing of the semester and it feels a whole lot better. After my last semester freak out the week before, it was rejuvenating to feel some peace and hope about my future this past week. A little wedding planning, a little work, some late night baking, and dinner with friends before heading out of town for the Fort Worth rodeo. 
I wrote about this weekend last year and it was too fun we couldn't pass up a second visit this year. It was double the fun this time we may be heading back down this weekend for the finals! I'm all about filling my days with memories before this period of my life is over. 
-Started off the week with wedding cake tasting! The best MOH duty so far!
-A colorful salad to counteract the sugar high.
-My internship is really shaping up. Yummy lunch meetings sure do help!
-With a meeting in the city Wednesday afternoon and one early Thursday morning, I spent Wednesday night at home. Gave me the chance to make these brown butter snickerdoodles for my dad's office bake sale! Got word that they were a big seller!
-Dinner at Pizzario Gusto Wednesday night-quickly becoming my favorite OKC restaurant. 
-Scurried out of town Thursday afternoon to head to Fort Worth for a rodeo weekend round 2!
-A cowgirl lunch in the Stockyards. Heavy on the onions and pickles!
-Fort Worth has this way of making me feel like I should live in Texas...
-Cowboy hats, two-stepping and a successful rodeo weekend!
-A Yogi's pit stop is ritual before heading out of town. 
-Attempted to keep things healthy with roasted corn guacamole at our Super Bowl watch party, but the two crock-pots of queso quickly overrided that. 
-Girlies, dips and only watching for the commercials, Katy Perry and Tom Brady.

Rodeo, Ranch and Recipes

Yesterday I shared a few bites about my weekend, but it was such a good couple of days away I have to share more! This past weekend I let my inner cowgirl come out. I went to the rodeo, a country concert and a ranch. Just call me the Pioneer Woman! A bunch of my good friends and I spent the weekend down south in Fort Worth. The city is so fun and I fall in love every time I visit. Luckily one of my best friends is from "The Fort," so I have excuses to take trips there.

The rodeo was Friday night. The fact that we had our hair done and make-up on was enough to make us stand out amongst most of the crowd. There were trick riders, barrel races, bull riding etc. 

After the rodeo we went to Billy Bob's Texas. The country bar calls itself "the world's largest honkey tonk." My friend's mom was so excited to show us one of her favorite singers. Sadly, it was his last concert because he is retiring from the music life. Josh Weathers put on quite a last show. I danced all night to songs I didn't know as well as some of his amazing covers like " I Will Always Love You."

After a "big night in the city" we headed 90 miles outside Fort Worth to my friend's ranch house. We did nothing but eat (A LOT), play games and sit by the fire. Apparently the rule is there is "no diet at the ranch," so we behaved the rules.

This brings me to the recipe portion of this post. My friend's mom and I love talking recipes and cooking when we are together. She shared an awesome orzo chicken salad and this layered hummus dip with me this summer. Today I'm sharing a recipe for Avocado Verde Dip and Onion Soufflé. The avocado dip could probably qualify as healthy, as for the onion soufflé, not so much. It's so dang good though you just can't think about it.

First up the avocado verde dip.

Avocado Verde Dip

2 avocados
16 oz store bought verde salsa (we used this brand)
a bunch of cilantro
juice from 1 lime
1 garlic clove

Put all the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Serve with tortilla chips or as a topping on tacos or enchiladas. 

Onion Soufflé

3 packages cream cheese
1/4 cup of mayonnaise
2 cups parmesan cheese
1 bag frozen onions, thawed and squeezed dry

Combine all ingredients then transfer to a pie dish. Bake at 400 degrees until the top begins to brown. This can be made ahead and put in the fridge until it's time to bake.  Serve with Triscuits! 

All of this was followed by our enchilada dinner. Mini chocolate chip cookies, ginger snaps, coconut bon bons and chocolate toffee were passed around for dessert. Like I said, there is no diet at the ranch.

After our dip frenzy some barre exercises were a must. It was hilarious doing push-pulls around the 2 ft. x 2 ft. countertop.

Here's to wishing it was still the weekend!