Bites of My Life

I always write the photo descriptions first when I sit down to write my bites post. I didn’t even realize until I was typing out all of lasts weeks happenings based on the photos I shared, but man, last week was full of so many connections. With two friends from home in town at two different times, one of my best college friends who lives in London home, coffee with an internet friend, dinner with newish friends, drinks with good friends and more. Even in a new city, my roots are feeling strong and connected.


-New workout and a new job! I’m now working two early mornings a week at Pilates/Tread Barre in Dallas. Praise be to extra cash and free classes!
-After years of connecting on instagram, I loved getting to meet my friend Maegan aka The Baker Mama in real life!
-I’ve wanted to do this since I first read Bread & Wine, but finally found the group to host a dinner party inspired by my favorite book.
-On the menu was Shauna Niequist’s watermelon feta salad, sweet potato fries and mar-a-lago turkey burgers all from her book Bread and Wine.
-Sleepover with MK at The Joule! She was here for work and I gladly took her up on the invite for a GNO in a fancy hotel room.
-Downtown Dallas was quiet and so pretty early Friday morning when I checked out.
-Early drive to Fort Worth to make a visit with my Londoner Meg work with our schedules.
-Pineapple on your pizza. For or against? I’m for it and for a second trip to Louie’s! Quickly becoming my favorite place in Dallas.
-After a slow start to Monday, a few girl friends and I did ranch waters and Mexican food in Deep Ellum then came up north for live music and rounds and rounds of kings on the corner at Henry’s Majestic Saturday night.
-Posted my Trader Joe’s grocery haul on instagram stories yesterday and got a wildly positive response. I love that people love groceries as much as me.
-Explored the Bishop Arts district for the first time this week and I’m anxious to go back. It’s southwest of downtown Dallas and off the beaten path, but full of the quaintest shops and restaurants.
-Loved having Trinian in from OKC! She said yes to the dress with her mom in Dallas and we said yes to meeting up for happy hour and shopping the next day!


Hop Till You Drop


If you know me at all or have followed me on social media for 5 seconds you have probably heard or seen me mention StudioHop


Quick facts about StudioHop... StudioHop is a multi-studio membership where you get access to some of the best fitness studios around the city all at one monthly price. The membership is $135 a month, but if you use my promo code AnnieHop20 you get $20 off your first month! $115 a month is a steal for everything you get access to. 

StudioHop originated in Dallas, but is now in Fort Worth, Austin, Tulsa, New Orleans and yours truly OKC! OKC studios that participate in SH include Union Performance, Beyond Studios, Four Graces Pilates, Soul Yoga, This Land Yoga, Yoga at Tiffany's, Body Mind Yoga, Hidden Dragon Yoga, The Yoga Box, Yoga Bliss, Cycle 3 Sixty, Moxieride, Higher Ground Runner and Urban Row. Easily reserve your class through the SH app or online


Now why I love StudioHop... I've been doing StudioHop since February, and can't imagine working out with out. I'm a studio junkie. In a studio setting I find motivation having an instructor pushing me as well as getting to work alongside new or familiar faces who have the same goals. As compared to the intimidating solo act of maneuvering a gym.  

I'm also slightly ADD, so the ability to hop from one studio to the next, one workout to the next, day after day is ideal for me. Yoga one day, bootcamp the next, followed by pilates mid-week. Not only does this satisfying my spazziness, it's also great for your body. Studies have shown how changing up your workout creates results. You never want your body to get stagnant. Keep it working and challenged by changing up it's routine. 


My StudioHop favorites include Union Performance, (hi friends ^^), Beyond Studios (remember when #teamtakeabite took over?), Soul Yoga, Yoga at Tiffany's, The Yoga Box and Four Graces Pilates. StudioHop just released their survey for the "Best of 2017" awards. You bet I'm filling this out highlighting all my favorite classes and instructors! If you're a hopper, make sure to nominate your faves too! Chelsea's lunch class at Union Performance, any class Dallas teaches at Four Graces, the Reform & Run format class at Beyond, Stacy and Janelle's classes at Soul Yoga, the list goes on for all my favorites!


Because of StudioHop I am able to continue my practice of yoga, challenge my body at bootcamp and discover my love of pilates. I had never taken pilates until StudioHop and I'm not sure what took so long. Because of the access and luxury of being able to try so many different studios and workouts I was able to find this new workout (to me) and fall in love with it. 


A few things to note about StudioHop...the studios included are not dog friendly, despite Gabe's impressive downward dog ;) You are limited to 5 classes per studio per month. Another thing to mention, if you cancel a class within 12 hours of it's scheduled time you will be charged a $12 late cancel fee. If you don't show up it's $15. My tip** don't sign up until a few hours before a class to make sure you will be making it. In OKC we have the luxury of classes typically not booking up fully so you can afford to sign up closer to time. 


If you have any questions about StudioHop, please ask! I'm happy to share more about it and my experience. If there is class on SH you want to try, call/text/email/DM me and let's try it together! And last but not least don't forget to use my code AnnieHop20 for $20 off your first month!

p.s. shoutout to Farm Fresh Designs for my adorable Kale Workout tank! And to KGC Photography for all the pics. 


Why You Should Join StudioHop

photo cred  KGC Photography

photo cred KGC Photography

If you follow me anywhere on social media then you have probably seen me hopping around town taking full advantage of my new obsession StudioHop. What's StudioHop you ask? It's a monthly membership to the best of best fitness classes in the city. Say you like spin but love to get your flow on in a hot yoga class. Tired of paying for two memberships or drop-in classes here there and all over. Ya, me too. Welllll, now that StudioHop has touched down in OKC you can get all the benefits of different studios with only paying one price. SIGN. ME. UP. 

StudioHop hand selects their favorite studios so you know you are getting the best of the best. Take a look here, to see the studios Oklahoma City has to offer. In the past month I have been hopping back and forth from Beyond Studios to Soul Yoga and Union Performance to Yoga at Tiffany's. I love getting my cardio in at the Beyond 500 classes, but love nothing more than a 6am sweat sesh in hot yoga. Union Performance is new to me, but I try to fit in their bootcamp class at lunchtime for a mid day pick me up. My girl Chelsea gives you a full body workout that you will be feeling the next day! 

I read an article a few weeks ago about how switching up your workout routine is the ticket to start seeing results. In a study done on people performing the same exercise day in and day out, individuals bodies simply stopped responding. When they were then exposed to different exercises, their fitness only improved!

I had been in a rut lately of doing the same thing, barre mixed with moderate cardio. I enjoyed my workout regime and could go on about my love for barre workouts for hours, but it was getting a little boring as well as results become stagnant. My favorite part of StudioHop and the #1 reason why I think you should join, is the change! The ability to change up your workout everyday, every week. Spin on Monday followed by a hot yoga flow on Tuesday. Bootcamp Wednesday and pilates Thursday. Your body will love you for keeping it challenged and never getting settled into one form of exercise. The most economical way to make this changing routine happen is by joining StudioHop. One price, once a month, but instead of one workout class you get a multitude of different workout options! Join me, you won't regret it. 

Photo Cred  KGC Photography

Photo Cred KGC Photography

StudioHop offers a monthly unlimited package for $135 as well as a 4 class bundle and 8 class bundle package. More info about pricing can be found here. If you have any questions about how the packages work or what studios have limitations, you can get answers in their FAQ or feel free to ask me in the comments below!

StudioHop is like the gift that keeps on giving! And to keep the giving going, use my code anniehopokc in checkout to get $20 off your first month! This code can be used for class bundles or the monthly unlimited package. That means access to the best studios all about town for $115, WIN! (Hurry and sign up, code expires 3/6). Give StudioHop a follow on insta and a like on Facebook, and make sure to sign up for their newsletter (just scroll to the bottom of the page)!

Now, hop to it!


Bites of My Life

January is coming to an end and so is Whole 30. It has felt long, but also an extremely short 30 days. I'm ready for February. Another new beginning. I've grown up a traditionalist and liked things kept the same, but as I get older I always feel so refreshed with new weeks, new years, new months, new beginnings. Do you dread the start of a new week or month, or feel encouraged by the difference it brings?

-Made my first sweet potato toast and O.M.G. Jill Bauer said just this morning on the Today Show that it is the new avocado toast! Just thinly slice your raw sweet potato lengthwise, run it through the toaster twice, then top with desired toppings!
-I'm slightly obsessed with this recipe and want you all to make it. I posted this Crock-Pot Curry Chicken over Cauliflower Rice last week and you just haaaaave to have it. 
-I finally got some Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides after seeing it go viral on instagram. Collagen is essential in everyday health, but you can read more specifics here. VP powder dissolves into virtually anything. Put it in your morning coffee, tea, smoothie, soup etc.
-Banana and almond butter is my favorite Whole 30 breakfast. It tastes so indulgent to me for some reason. A pretty presentation helps to! Just split your banana lengthwise, spread with AB, sprinkle with cinnamon and an optional drizzle of tahini.
-Spicy Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup was lunch everyday last week. The recipe is posted so you can enjoy it too!
-I shared my step by step tips on how to make perfect fried eggs in a cast iron skillet in my insta stories on Thursday. Missed it? Leave a comment and I'll give you the run down. I then topped them with the goods: maldon salt, sumac and turmeric.
-Woke up Sunday to then enjoy the most delicious brunch at recently opened, The Pritchard. A full restaurant review will be coming later this week!
-StudioHop gives you access to a curated list of local fitness studios so you can enjoy one membership at multiple studios. They started in Dallas and are now coming to OKC! I'm so excited to help share the news! The fun starts 2/6, but sign up for their newsletter here (scroll to the bottom) so you can be the first to know more. Now #hoptoit!
-In this final weekend of Whole 30, my non W30 cravings were strong. I wanted pizza and chips and dips so hard. I attempted to fullfill the cravings with veggie chips and compliant salsa. Along with plantain chips and guacamole and copious amounts of cashew butter...


Rise and KiZe

I can't tell you how giddy I am about today's post. KiZE is a locally made energy bar created right here in Oklahoma City. It's an energy bar, meal replacement, snack, or really whatever you want it to be!  Their goal is to help others maximize their success and live a happier, healthier and more purposeful life where they passionately pursue progress in mind, body, and soul. Their passion for mission is incredible. They constantly strive to serve others as well as giving back to the community - for example their partnership with Project Orphans to build family and community style homes for orphaned children in rural Haiti. I encourage you to view their GoFundMe Page to help support this mission!

Let me start by telling you a funny story. KiZE started a few years back, actually by one of my sorority sister's brother. They used to come to the house to share samples of the products. The only problem being that all five of their flavors were made with peanut butter. Major problem for the allergic over here. 

I talked with them a random handful of times on how they need to make bars with almond butter! It's healthier and so delicious-I mean why not? After a few emails back and forth, I was even deemed the "almond butter girl" by one of the employees.

Well three years later, guess what? KiZE is about to unveil their almond butter bar! Ahhhh the heavens just opened. I expressed my almond butter obsession last week after I made my own. Then, the very next day I got to try KiZE's new AB bar! It has yet to hit the market, but I got to have a sneak peek bite at their new flavor. I may be biased, but I think it's going to be a top seller! The flavor tastes like pure almond butter. They've added in raw sage honey, organic rolled oats, whey protein and even a little shredded coconut. It doesn't taste like coconut but adds the perfect depth of flavor!

I like eating my KiZE bars for breakfast on those days when I'm rushing to work and need to grab something quick. Pictured here looks like a casual slow morning where I'm enjoying a cup of tea and blogging with my KiZE bar. Ya, so this is totally staged. Five seconds after I took this I threw my bar in my purse and bolted out the door! 

Meal on the flash! One of the fundamentals KiZE was built on. They started as a way to provide nourishment for those who are too busy to eat, or don't have the time to eat a healthy meal. No time to eat? Crazy talk, I always make time to eat. But I will admit sometimes it means scarfing something down as I speed off to work in the morning!

Packaging is still in the works, but they are hoping to roll out the new flavor by end of August! In the meantime KiZE is offering a special discount code for all Take A Bite readers who want to purchase any of their bars! Just use the discount code TAKEABITE  at checkout and you'll receive 15% off your order! This code is available through tomorrow, so get your orders in!

If you want to find out more about KiZE you can visit their website, follow on FacebookTwitter or Instagram! You can find them in local Whole Foods, coffee shops and fitness studios. 


KiZE allows you to give back to your body as well as others! Here is the link again to assist their mission in building homes for young Haiti orphans!