Bites of My Life

The holidays are so bittersweet. There is so much build up and anticipation of the big day, and then in the blink of an eye it is over so fast. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Luckily my family has seemed to stretch it out over a few days so it doesn't come and go so quick. Not only do I love it for the food, and parade and turkey trot, but it has also become the winter holiday my oldest sis comes home for. Tucker time is in full force when the whole clan is together. So many food babies, glasses of wine, servings of pie, football games watched and calories consumed, but all for a good cause. 

-Chili season is here, bring on the Fritos.
-Our Thanksgiving pregame at the local burger place, Tucker's. It's only appropriate. 
-Trot trot trot!
-Cheers to Thanksgiving.
-Thanksgiving is already my favorite holiday, but all being together makes it even better.
-Even with a big meal ahead of us we still go heavy on the apps. 
-I'm biased but I just really don't think anyone's Thanksgiving plate is any prettier.
-I'm typically a pumpkin girl, but my pecan pie was the favorite this year!
-Basically celebs after getting on the jumbotron three times at the Thunder game on Friday.
-Amazing spicy ramen from Tamshii to warm us up from the freezing weather and ice we had all weekend. 
-A case of cabin fever led us to a Sunday strike. 
-One last night with Claire and Mike in town meant one last amazing meal. Naan fattoush and cardamom chicken and rice ended the weekend with a bang!