Big Bites of My Life

Heyyyyy. It's been a minute since we took a bite, so not only are we double dipping we are triple dipping for a big bite to recap the past ocuple of weeks!

bites 233.jpg

-Meal prepped this stuffed acorn squash for lunches and dinners and really really liked it. The caramelized onions made it! 
-The Bon Appetit's subscriber bonus issue deserves to be framed.
-I strive to turn Elle into my mini me on a daily basis. Safe to say that it's working. #chachamatcha
-My friend Maddie and I had an idea for a Christmas cookie decorating party and it was more fun and cute than we could of thought. Easily becoming a tradition! 
-Love what I do, but love who I work with even more!
-Santa slid down the chimney at The Jones!
-Brunch at home with mom and dad! 
-Christmas bites and sips Pre-Christmas Eve service. 
-Tucker traditional Christmas morning breakfast of stuffed sausage crescents.

bites 234.jpg

-It's not Christmas without dad and I straining our backs hunched over a 1,000 piece puzzle. 
-I love my family of foodies and good eaters. Makes holidays that much more delicious!
-Two days after Christmas my parents and I left for Tennessee for my cousin's wedding. It was nice to get out of OKC for a couple days, and to visit some places I've been coveting. Like Pinewood Social. Great coffee, horrible waitress unfortunately. Which ruins it sometimes.
-Showed up to our hotel in Nashville to see a Caviar & Bananas next to our hotel. I fell in love with this specialty market when we went to Charleston. The turmeric milk overnight oats must be recreated! 
-If only you could grasp how big the cookies were at C&B. I'm talking bigger than my face. 
-New Year's Eve at The Jones Assembly was just how I wanted to end such an amazing year!
-The night was worth the mess. 
-Black eyed peas for luck! Happy 2018!

bites 235.jpg

-Protein shakes are back starting with this Mint Chocolate Chip Protein Shake overflowing with goodness, literally and figuratively.  
-Cherry Vanilla Protein Shake shared in a lite bite recipe posted here
-Couldn't drink this anti-inflammatory smoothie fast enough. Recipe by my friend @veggiebellie
-Prettiest and tastiest Thai Chicken and Broccoli Curry, also last week's recipe post!
-Lot's of protein shakes and detox smoothies balanced by devouring a good portion of the most addicting popcorn ever. 
-Had to do a double take passing this pink beetle! NEED. 
-Birthday salads and huge catch up session with my Lex!
-The birthday diva herself who is too great not to celebrate!
-Elle Frances looking cute as always. 


Time to Unplug: A 7-Day Smartphone Detox

Not your normal juice cleanse or a whole foods detox, but a relevant detox none-the-less. I'm way to attached to my smartphone and other technological devices. I check instagram, Facebook, snapchat, email and even Yelp far too many times during the day. First thing when I wake up, again while I eat breakfast, on my way to class, during class, last thing before I fall get the idea. I can't even put my phone down to watch a TV show these days, I'm in a constant state of multi-tasking and it's time I get a grip. 

I think everyone can relate to this addiction. Join me this week in a little smartphone detox. If you are one of the lucky ones getting the new iPhone 6 this may be hard for you, but let's take on the challenge. POPSUGAR created a 7-day detox giving you a small step each day to help weed you off being on your phone so much. I started yesterday, but jump in with me today and let's give it a whirl. 

Unfollow people who aren't your real friends, unsubscribe from unwanted email lists, and delete apps you don't use.
Turn off push notifications.
Resist the urge to look at your phone first thing in the morning.
Set up a charging station outside of your bedroom, and don't look at your phone an hour before bed.
Go out to dinner, and leave your phone at home.
Spend the day not looking at or posting to social media.
Turn off your smartphone for the entire day.

Think you can do it? I'll check back in a week and we can both see how we did! 1-2-3 detox!
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