Canadian Tuxedo

New trend alert! All denim everything has been catching my eye recently. Every magazine and every store email has had some kind of section dedicated to denim. 
I love me some denim. My jean jacket, jean vest and light wash ripped jeans are on regular rotation in my daily outfits. I can't wait to bull out my denim pencil skirt again. Take this trend up a notch and go denim on denim, aka the Canadian Tuxedo. Maybe some of my picks can assist in this!

Zara Has a Spell On Me

So, I've already made a few trips to Zara since I've been in D.C. Both times I have tried on about 15-20 different things. I love how their clothes are slightly different than pieces you would find in other stores. That being said, they are influencing my style to be slightly different than usual. Right now they have all of these cool printed graphic t-shirts. Most have sketches and drawings of models or florals. 
I am randomly obsessed with these t-shirts. This denim pencil skirt is my other random obsession. I need, I want, I think I will buy it today. I feel like I am reverting back to the days in the 90's where it was jean everything. 

Just a quicky fashion post to show off the strange spell Zara is putting me under. I'm planning another Zara post soon because the store is just full of goods right now. 


The Staples

White jeans and a jean shirt are staples in my opinion. Apparently they are for Emily and Helena too. They both featured the classic pairing on their blogs last week. 
I wear my jean shirt a lot. I even had to by a second one because I got a hole in my first one...
I wear my jean shirt as a cover up at the beach, as a jacket over a striped t-shirt, or like these two ladies and pair it with crisp white jeans or shorts.
How great is this dark denim shirt? The perfect thing to pair with your white jeans to transition them to fall. I don't believe in that whole "no white after Labor Day" thing. Who decided they could make up rules when and what colors I can and cannot wear?
Here are my staples. This Madewell shirt is the only jean shirt you ever need. I recommend it to everyone. I love how Emily styled her outfit with my favorite Zara heels!
Embrace these simple staples and sport this classic outfit!
xo Annie