Take a Step + GIVEAWAY

Take a step, get it? Cheesy right, I love it! Today we are taking a step into some of the cutest sandals. The adorable Keerti approached me a few weeks ago with her fab shoe line, Keercha, and I'm so excited to share her designs with you on Take a Bite!

Keerti is an OU grad like myself, currently working in Oklahoma City, and has an incredible eye for fashion and accessories inspired by her roots in India. Each summer growing up Keerti would travel to India to visit her family. With her niche for fashion she would pick up beautiful textiles and have them made into clothes from inspiration pictures she had. While on a post-grad trip to India, Keerti went full force into designing clothes and her adorable sandals. She even held a trunk show while there to showcase her designs.

I mean how fab are those clothes? I can't wait for Keercha to be a full blown line so I can get my hands on some of those babies. Now back in Oklahoma, and back to the grind, Keerti has big plans to dive head first into launching her brand. I couldn't be more proud, excited and jealous of her chasing her dream! Keerti and I got to sit down last week and gab about all things post grad, creative, local and fashionable! She showed me her inspiration and where she sees the brand going and y'all, it's going to be good. Keercha is about to be the next big thing.

Currently Keerti is looking to get her sandals sold so that she can move forward with getting her full fall collection launched. Gorgeous scarves and clutches are coming next! All of her sandal designs are shown below. Every pattern has a traditional Indian name attached to it.

Diya-Blue Diamond / Tani-circle flower / Myra-Black / Sari-Blue / Aniya-Pink / Rani-Colorful / Anui-Pink and Orange

If you would like to order a pair of sandals you can contact Keerti directly via email 


with your size and color choice. All sandals are $39.99 but if you mention Take a Bite you will receive 15% off your order!

Now that we are all obsessed with Keerti's sandals, let's get know this budding entrepreneur a little better...

A: Give me some background on you (upbringing, school, interests).
K: Born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I’m Indian and my culture and heritage has been a huge part of my life and has influenced my sense of fashion. I graduated from Union and went to school in Dallas and then to OU for college and graduated in December 2014. I love to shop, travel the world, I am super artsy and creative as a person and I love accessorizing and basically giving everything I do (create) my personal touch.

A: Where did you get the idea for Shop Keercha? How did you get your start.
K: Fashion has always been a passion in my life and I’ve always seen myself as a creative person. The part of my day that I look most forward to is dressing up ever since I was five years. I love putting together outfits and accessorizing which got me to work on my own clothing line and it all started with me making my own clothes in India while I would visit my family for the summer and experimenting with different styles and fabrics got me more excited about new cloths and outfits. Once I got back and showcased my own outfits, I instantly had so many people wanting to know where my clothes were from and how cute and chic they were which eventually got me to design my own clothing line and set up a pop up shop to see people’s response to my designing and ideas. While I was in India, I went to pick out various fabrics and materials to work on about 25-30 outfits for the pop-up shop and while working on the clothing, I also thought it would be neat to showcase some accessories, so I thought why not shoes for the summer and that got me to work on my shoe line. I enjoy fashion and being able to play with fabrics and designs to create my unique look.

A: Where do you want your brand to go? What’s your 5 year goal?
K: I see Keercha as a brand with a large variety of products for girls our age. I envision a shoe line, clothing, and all kinds of accessories (jewelry, scarves, purses, etc.). In 5 years, I want to be a recognizable name in the fashion world, and I see myself as a successful young entrepreneur.

A: Describe your style in 3 words.
K: Chic, Classic and Colorful

A: Coffee or tea?
K: Tea

A: Guilty pleasure?
K: Desserts

A: Favorite bite?
K: Anything Mexican

A: Favorite rom com?
K: Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Now what I know you all have really been waiting for...the GIVEAWAY! Keerti is giving one TAB reader a free pair of your choice of Keercha sandals! All you have to do is head over to my Instagram, give @shopkeercha a follow, and let me know you did by tagging to friends! Winners will be announced Thursday!

These sandals are a must right now and the perfect way to hold on to summer for a few more weeks. I can't wait to strut them around Cali next week!

Stay tuned for all that is to come for Keercha, follow along on Instagram @shopkeercha! Keerti will be taking orders on sandals until she runs out! Orders placed at shopkeercha@gmail.com and don't forget to mention TAB to get 15% off your order.


DIY Happy Birthday Sign

I kind of hate the whole term "crafting" or "crafty" or "crafts." Thanks to the sorority world "crafting" has become a stereotypical pastime. I associate these words with new mommies or middle age women making burlap wreaths or detailed scrapbooks. You know what I mean? Those people who scour the aisles of Hobby Lobby and have a whole room devoted to "crafting." 

This isn't saying I don't like to be creative or making things with my hands, but the word "craft" just makes me squirmy inside. I like creative and well made things not crafty painted canvases with mushy gushy pinteresty quotes. Pardon my rant, moving on.

A couple of weeks ago was one of my roommate's 21st birthday and the house was in need of a little celebratory decorations! I came up with this little birthday sign and it just turned out so cute! 

What You Need:
craft colored paper
paper cutter
hole punch
tissue paper

To Make:

1. Create a word document with the page format in landscape. Using a bold block font in about a 450 pt. size type out whatever you want your sign to say. (Make the font large enough so two letters fit on each page).

2. Print your saying onto the craft paper. Trim each letter into a rectangle then angle the bottom to crate a pennant like design. Essentially just cutting a triangle out from the bottom.

3. Hole punch the top corners of each letter.

4. Using my instructions on how to make a tassel, create one to go between each letter. I cut my sheets of tissue paper in half to make mini tassels. 

5. Now that you have your letters and tassels string them on to your twine. You can make one long sign or split each word up like I did. See below.

So this isn't a craft, but instead a creative project! You can get even more creative and use this DIY for a holiday, or include someone's name, or for a shower or party! Use green and red for Christmas, orange and black for Halloween, etc.