Bites of My Life

Lot’s of tile floor pics this week. I had more, but refrained from posting them. I think I need to start a #anniestilefloor hashtag for the amount of pictures I take in this exact spot. Lot’s of #anniestilefloor is showing up because lot’s a good food was and is going down these days. I’m reading a book that has a whole section on how food is medicine and what we eat, when we eat it, how we eat etc. can help cure a multitude of hormonal issues. That being said, lots of intentional recipes are being made and devoured!

Aside from food (always) I got extra time with my mini me this week, and had a double header of concerts this weekend. ‘Twas a good one!

Looking forward to The Bachelor finale tonight and tomorrow and celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Dallas this weekend!

bites 291.jpg

-Started the week with an egg craving. If you’ve been around here for a while, you know I go up and down and down and up with eggs. For a month I’ll eat them everyday and then one day I’ll wake up and almost gag getting them down and then won’t eat eggs for 6 months. Well, I’ve been off eggs for a few weeks, but decided this week I was going to try again. I made 6 1/2 minute jammy eggs and they were amazing. But then I made them again the next day and could barely get them down. Don’t ask. I don’t know why I’m so finicky with them. However, I posted on my stories about this and had several people say, they too, go through egg phases.
-Mardi Gras complete with a homemade King Cake from our baker at The Jones. Kind of one ups my homemade king cakes, but I’ll give it to the professional!
-Sweet Potato Lentil Dhal from one of my favorite cookbooks. Super cozy indian dish topped with avocado, yogurt, sesame seeds and toasted coconut.
-Really loved this brothy celery and chickpea soup I made for lunches last week.
-Elle, can you say puppies??
-Back to back concerts this weekend. Friday night with Ben Rector and Saturday night with my #1 music crush right now, Mt. Joy. After discovering them in Dallas a few weekends ago when they opened for RKS, I freaked out when I saw they would be in OKC. I’m Your Wreck and Sheep are my favorites. Do yourself a favor and jump on my bandwagon.
-Went a little protein pancake crazy this weekend. Woke up real early both days this weekend, starving none the less. These protein pancakes were equal parts filling as they were satisfying. Just 1 scoop vanilla protein, 1 egg, 1/4 cup water cooked in coconut oil topped with melted almond butter and cinnamon.
-Sunday Self Care <3 read my Sunday routine in yesterday’s post.
-Clean out the fridge meals are often my favorite. I pride myself on being able to repurpose leftovers like a champ. Seen here, I took leftover roasted broccoli, leftover corn tortillas, almond milk mozzarella and spinach to make a little quesadilla for lunch. I dipped it in a crema I made from leftover cashew yogurt, cilantro and cumin!


Music bite: just listen to them please!

Bites of My Life

Oh hello June, how did we get here so fast? A short week that felt like a long one, a new month, 3 concerts in one week, new books, new hobby, old friends, old habits. Happy second week of June!

bites 255.jpg

-Can't quit this breakfast and have no intentions of doing so anytime soon. Brown rice cakes, one with smashed avo and Everything But The Bagel seasoning, the other with almond butter, coconut, chia seeds and cinnamon. Detox tea on the side!
-100% fangirling over LANY during their performance at The Jones. Work perks getting us so close to the stage!
-Happy mail day including new food inspiration, a belated b-day present and a promotion recognition with Arbonne!
-Bowl on repeat this week. Protein, healthy carbs, healthy fats and fresh veggies and herbs. 
-Organized, hydrated and caffeinated. 
-Greek feast with my mamma mia!
-2 of 3 concerts I went to this week.  
-I've read 5 books to far in 2018, like what????? I believe I have mentioned before that I don't read. I'm not sure what has come over me. Can't wait for these next 3 books. 
-Investing in a new hobby, tennis! Any players out there?
-Behind the scenes shooting for my besties new side hustle, Made by Maddie.
-The prettiest Made by Maddie earrings. Check out her insta for more and how to order!
-Been coveting Joanna Gaines banana bread recipe since my roommate came home with her new cookbook. I just weirdly love how she makes it in a square pan. It was good, but I like my banana bread better. So here's the recipe if you want the best nana bread eva.


p.s. I snuck in a Bites post last week but didn't tell you, sry. But, read here!