Bites About Town: Best Matcha Latte in OKC

I've been preaching to the matcha choir lately, but if you haven't tried it yet I urge you to! Matcha is green tea leaves made into a powder giving you the purest form of it's nutrients. I had my first matcha latte about two years ago, but have just recently gotten boarder line addicted to them. They have an energy boost for those who are looking to weed off of coffee, but nothing too strong to make you jittery if you can't handle the caffeine like me.

If you are a matcha lover or a matcha newbie this post is still for you. I fed my addiction and went on a quest about town to find the best matcha latte in OKC. All contenders have something special about them, but I kept pretty honest about my opinions on each. They are ranked on a scale of 1-5, all ordered with almond milk and all ordered hot as compared to iced to keep it consistent. 

Matcha: Woodshed Tea Matcha Latte Mix (comes pre-sweetened)
Things to note: They offer Skim, Whole, Almond and Soy milk. They use a matcha mix that comes pre-sweetened. It's not too sweet though. Can't be unsweetened. 
Verdict: 5, Go Evoke! Their matcha is so creamy dreamy I catch myself daydreaming about it. Combined with velvety steamed almond milk they win! 

All About Cha
Matcha: Not sure :/ Sorry!
Things to note: They offer two sizes either love or passion, it is ordered as a "green tea latte" instead of matcha. They also offer a cappuccino, con panna, macchiato and freddo version. Milks include skim, 2%, whole, soy and almond.  You can get it sweetened or unsweetened. 
Verdict: 5, All About Cha ties! They were my first taste at a Matcha Latte and still one of my favorites.

Clarity Coffee
Matcha: Woodshed Tea Matcha Latte Mix (comes pre-sweetened)
Things to note: They offer a wide variety of milks like hemp, coconut, and almond. They use the same matcha mix as Evoke. 
Verdict: 2. Matcha lattes are hard to make. I've tried several times at home. I think it takes a fairly skilled person to make a matcha latte. That being said, I'm not sure if it was the barista to blame or if they just don't have it down yet, but it was not good. There was no flavor and it was full of chunks of matcha. No one wants a chunky latte. I'm open to trying it again seeing as though they use the same tea mix as Evoke and I love Evoke's, but I was pretty turned off by the first time. Bonus points for looking so pretty!

Urban Teahouse
Matcha: Their own matcha powder
Things to note: Kristy, the owner, is a tea genius and is there to answer any questions you may have. This is a good place to start if you are new to matcha. She allows you to customize your sweetener and level of sweetness (1-3). She also has a collection of milks, including some local options. With this spot being a "teahouse" you are getting a very well crafted tea beverage by someone who knows what they are doing. Only comes in to-go cups. They also offer a killer matcha lemonade!
Verdict: 4. I'm still playing around with my level of sweetness. I've varied between a level 1-2 using raw sugar. This latte has a more raw matcha taste. It's the purest matcha I've tasted. 

Leaf + Bean
Matcha: Urban Teahouse matcha powder
Things to note: The time I went in they did not ask me if I wanted it sweetened or unsweetened. It had no flavor and tasted like raw powder. 
Verdict: 2. Piggy backing off my experience at Clarity, it very well could have been the barista making my drink the day I went it, but again, it was just bad. No flavor. It definitely needed a little sweetener, but that option wasn't given to me. The foamy texture was good but the flavor was not there. 


Woodshed Coffee + Tea
Matcha: Woodshed Matcha Latte Mix
Things to note: Woodshed started as a shelf product, but they then moved to open a brick - and - mortar. I mentioned before that Evoke and Clarity use Woodshed’s latte mix. It is pre-sweetend, but gosh it’s good. I prefer my matcha latte hot, but Woodshed also offers a matcha cold brew that is crazy good. They steep matcha powder in their house made oatmik over night then bottle it and serve it cold. Hot or cold make sure to order with their oatmilk.
Verdict: 4. The house made almond milk makes this so unique.


Stella Nova
Matcha: unsure
Things to note: Stella Nova is very similar to a Starbucks, but better. It’s cleaner, staff is nicer and the chairs are more comfortable. They refer to their matcha as a Green Tea Latte, but they have assured me their matcha powder does not contain sugar, unlike Starbucks. I get mine with almond milk, and at SN they use a vanilla almond milk. While this probably adds some extra sugar, I make sure to order mine unsweetened/without syrup so I don’t feel so bad about it.
Verdict: 5. I love this drink. The vanilla almond milk steams so nicely and makes for a super creamy and not bitter drink.


Matcha: unsure
Things to note: Stitch has the best vibes, they could serve me anything and I would think it was good. I love this matcha because of how perfectly they steam their milk. It is slightly bitter, but I order mine unsweetened. For a sugar free latte this one is a good one.
Verdict: 4.

a homemade matcha is always a favorite too! I use  Vital Proteins Matcha collagen  blended with coconut butter, vanilla, cinnamon and hot water

a homemade matcha is always a favorite too! I use Vital Proteins Matcha collagen blended with coconut butter, vanilla, cinnamon and hot water

**UPDATE - This may be surprising but my vote for Best Matcha in OKC goes to Stella Nova. The matcha is smooth and not incredibly bitter and the way they combine it with a vanilla almond milk makes for a sinfully tasting matcha that is so creamy and flavorful without being too sweet. {So there you have it. In my opinion you can find the best matcha latte at Evoke and All About Cha! Have a different opinion or a matcha I need to try? Let me know in the comments. - originally posted 9/14/16}

What other best bites should I go on the hunt for? Best pizza in OKC, best cookie, best breakfast dish? Let me know what "bite about town" you want to see next!


Coffee Talk

But first, coffee. I’m stealing one of my sister’s blog features and talking all about coffee today. I love coffee. Like really really love it. I wasn’t a coffee drinker until right before I came to college, and now it is a rare day if I don’t have a cup or two. Like most, I had to ease into coffee. I started with the sugary lattes and frappuccinos, but now my morning cup is black with half of a sweet n low.  
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My morning routine starts with waking up, grabbing my Caribou Coffee K-cup (I finally found a favorite) and my coffee mug then heading downstairs to make a cup of coffee in the Keurig. Living in a sorority house I am limited to the Keurig, so I can’t wait to have a house next year and have my own coffee pot filled with unlimited cups of coffee.
After my daily black coffee I often need a second afternoon pick-me up.  A run through the Starbucks drive thru usually cures it. Below are some of my favorite drink orders.
For something cold:
Hanson Iced Tea
What to ask for: half iced black tea/half iced coffee. Then add a splash of skim milk and a sweet n low.
This drink got its name from someone on Instagram who started hastagging his new creation. Some Starbucks may know what you are talking about if you call it that but I usually just ask for a half and half.
Sami Special
What to ask for: iced chai with skim milk, two pumps sugar-free vanilla syrup and two scoops protein powder.
They may look at you like your crazy, but this drink is seriously good. My sweet friend Sami gets all the credit for this one (hence the name).  It isn’t blended so make sure they stir it up well. The added protein gives it an extra creamy taste!
Iced Vanilla/Hazelnut/Caramel Macchiato
What to ask for: iced vanilla macchiato with skim milk and sugar-free syrup
I tried Starbucks new vanilla macchiato the other day and it was fab. I’m a big vanilla girl so I new I would love it. I actually ordered it hot, but I can’t wait to try the iced version.
For something hot:
Coffee with steamed milk
What to ask for: pikes place roast with steam skim or soymilk.
Kathleen introduced me to this one and now it is my new regular. The steamed milk gives your plain black coffee a little boost if you want something more exciting.
What to ask for: grande skinny vanilla latte
This is the classic order by most sorority girls. Yes I fall into the stereotype, but it never fails. One of my friends and I use to call them GSKVLs (just try to sound it out). That is the combination of letters they write on your cup when you order and it is funny to say.
Rooibos Tea:
What to ask for: hot rooibos tea
I’ve really become a lover as tea as well. My favorite Tazo tea has recently become vanilla rooibos. You don’t have to add any honey or sugar because it already has great flavor. It is also really cheap to only order hot tea. I was first introduced to rooibos over spring bread when I ordered the rooibos teal latte at Nordstrom’s eBar. It resembles an iced chai tea latte but use the vanilla rooibos tea instead.
Now that I’ve rambled on about my favorite coffee drinks, I think I’ll go make another cup of coffee! And, I think I may try this iced mint coffee recipe too!