Pumpkin Spice Bulletproof Coffee + A September Whole 30 Recap


Bulletproof coffee became a staple for an easy breakfast while on Whole30. However, I fully plan to keep sipping on bulletproof post W30, especially with this seasonal spin. There is so much on the internet about bulletproof coffee and I encourage you to do your own research to see if it’s right for you.

The quick synopsis of bulletproof coffee is, it’s a high caloric drink made from coffee, butter (or ghee) and brain octane oil to be used as a meal replacement at breakfast. It’s benefits include increase in energy, spike in metabolism, improved mood and extra brain power.

Now most of you know I don’t do caffeine, so I make mine with decaf and still love the affects it gives me. It really does keep me full for around 4 hours. It also helps reduce my bloat first thing in the morning. I love eating breakfast, but get easily bloated after the first meal of the day.

In honor of the season, I really leaned in and created this pumpkin spice seasonal twist to my bulletproof!


Pumpkin Spice Bulletproof Coffee
serves 1

1 cup of brewed coffee, organic is best
1-2 tbsps. ghee
1-2 tbsps. MCT brain octane oil
1 scoop Vital Proteins collagen peptides
1 tbsp. Pumpkin Spice Nutpods*
big shake of pumpkin pie spice

In a blender combine all ingredients for 15-30 seconds until frothy. Pour and top with more pumpkin pie spice.

Note: I say 1-2 tablespoons of ghee and brain octane oil because these two ingredients need to be eased into. Start with one tablespoon for the first few times drinking bulletproof, then ease your way up.

*If you do not have the Pumpkin Nutpods it is okay to omit. No need to replace with an alternative milk. The best thing about bulletproof coffee is it is free of dairy and non-diary, yet still creamy from blending in the ghee. However, I love to add a splash of Nutpods to ramp up the pumpkin spice flavor.


Now let’s talk Whole30 while I have you. Yesterday was my last official day of September Whole 30. I can’t say I ended it feeling amazing. I definitely cheated here and there. If you follow me on social media, you saw this, but I’m still really proud of myself at how I stayed strong a majority of the 30 days.

Some major benefits people claim from Whole30 are clear skin, more energy and better sleep. Unfortunately I didn’t reap any of these benefits. I broke out bad around week 2, my sleep was all over the place, and about week 3 I was taking a nap after work most days.

That being said, it wasn’t all bad. There were days I felt great and so confident! It also felt good to take a breather from the carbs and alcohol. I actually for once had some willpower while on Whole30 to say no to sweet treats and cheese. And as the food nerd that I am, I loved trying new recipes and getting creative with what I was cooking and eating. I would still recommend Whole30 to those looking to give themself a reset. Just make sure it’s a time of year that works best for you so you can really devote the attention to it it needs! Anyone else just finish up September Whole 30?



Bites of My Life

As I'm writing this post, it is currently pouring down rain. I'm obsessed. The perfect sleep aid for me is a rain storm. After a weekend in Dallas reuniting with my best gals from college, I'm more than exhausted. I slept the majority of the afternoon and now I'm climbing in to bed hoping I didn't ruin it by napping.

The week started with lots of pink, red and treats in the form of candy, pop tarts and cheese boards. I worked it off by using my StudioHop membership trying out new yoga and bootcamp classes. A CycleBar just opened up in OKC and I am already hooked. If you are local they have free rides all this week for you to try! Aside from eating and working out it was a busy week with work, so I was more than excited to skip out of town to enjoy the weekend. 

-Homemade pop tarts for my galentines! One of my favorite TAB recipes!
-A little galentine's spread in addition to our usual Monday Bachelor nights!
-Real life captured.
-Themed breakfasts are a must on holidays. Sliced bananas in the shape of a heart drizzled with 88 Acres Chocolate Sunflower Seed Butter (I'm obsessed) and cashew butter, topped with cinnamon and crushed freeze-dried raspberries.
-I love making bulletproof coffee in the morning and golden milk at night after dinner. I'm a sucker for a good food trend. That being said I combined the two by adding turmeric to my usual bulletproof recipe and it was way great. 
-Give me all the liquids in the morning. I love a good drink and find myself often walking out the door for the day with a water, a smoothie, a coffee or tea, sometimes a Le Croix too! The more the merrier I suppose. Friday morning post hot yoga was water, Jade Citrus Mint tea and a Spicy Thai smoothie from Organic Squeeze.
-It had been a hot minute since all of my best friends were in one place, luckily most of us are in driving distance of each other. Getting to be together and celebrate Katie and Matt's engagement made for the best weekend!
-Finally got to take one of my friend Shelby's Pilates Barre class. It was so hard, but I was obsessed. Anyone in Dallas take at The Pilates Barre? If so, I'm jealous!
-Gucci fresh ;)