Bites of My Life

Wahhhh May how did this happen??? The end of April ended swiftly with lots of April showers. OKC was flooded last week with all of the rain. May came in full force with a ton of exciting news and happenings. Most exciting being I’m officially an aunt x2! Sister and John welcomed sweet baby Hallie to our fam on Friday! The same day I got the news that I got a job in Dallas (more details to come)!! It was an emotional day to say the least. Last week also included trying a new spot, a home tour, happy hour with mom and dad, drinks with girl friends, and a high school friends graduation party!


-New TJs product alert! Huge thumbs up for the jerk flavored plantain chips. Average consensus on the watermelon jerky. A+ on the packaging, B+ on the actual taste.
-This after dinner snack is on serious repeat. I’ve been craving a dessert element after a meal a lot lately. I’m trying to combat that by doing a spoonful of almond butter, chia seeds, coconut flakes, gogi berries and cacao nibs. I fill up a little soy sauce bowl I have with a sprinkle of each and it helps trick me into thinking I’m getting a sweet treat.
-New food and drink menu is officially out at The Jones! Let me highly recommend the saturn cocktail!
-Ate this incredibly easy stir fry for dinners all last week. Just shaved brussels, red onion, mushrooms and kale, sautéed in ghee with coconut aminos and sesame seeds.
-Orange skies at 9pm means nader season in Oklahoma. We didn’t have an actual tornado, but some crazy storms left the sky looking like it!
-Eclectic new spot in town, which will hands down be my go to until I move. Tried Red Rooster with mom and dad Thursday night.
-We added another baby girl to our family on Friday. Big sis Elle is proud to announce her baby sister, Hallie Margaret Krenger.
-Brandy ice’s with Aunt Chloe to celebrate being aunts x2!
-Woke up at 5:45 on Saturday. These very early weekend mornings are starting to become a thing…anyway I took advantage of the time and overripe bananas to make a vegan banana bread. I winged it and the bread turned out alright. Still enjoyed it with a thick layer of almond butter on the top.
-Bootie call at the Quail Creek Home Tour.
-Back to Red Rooster for their cheeseboard I was coveting, but couldn’t sell mom and dad on. Thank goodness I invested in friends who invest in cheeseboards with me.
-Home with Hallie!