I Love the '90s

Jellies, slap bracelets, Gap sweatshirts, overalls, giga pets, beaning babies, Legends of the Hidden Temple, DCOMs, B*Witched, Baby G watches and milky pens, who doesn't love the nineties? 
If you asked me a year ago I would have sworn the fashion from the nineties would never come back in cycle. I mean who would have thought we'd be considering overalls as fashionable again? Well, here we are seeing jellies and high neck tank tops filling the racks in stores. I somewhat hate how much I love it.

Some of my favorite nineties pike from around the web! 
Those rose gold birks are going straight in my shopping cart and getting purchased! 
To keep the '90s merriment going...
50 Pictures That Perfectly Describe Your Childhood. Some of my favorites are inflatable furniture, parachute day, Supermarket Sweep & Kid Pix.