Bites of My Life

Home from the most amazing bachelorette party in Vail, CO. Unfortunately I brought a cold home with me. Here’s a quick recap of my last full week of Whole 30, mountain time and the start of October!

bites 320.jpg

-Tahini Chicken Salad hit the blog and my lunch last week. This no-mayo Whole 30 chicken salad recipe was a hit with more than just me. Y’all were loving it, and I love that.
-Currently still eating this Thai Pumpkin Soup because it made so much. Not mad about coming home from my trip with a meal already made for the week. I froze half this batch and thawed it over low heat.
-Going on a bachelorette trip while on Whole30 isn’t ideal, but the trip > w30. My plan of attack was to order best I could while out to eat, pack plenty of approved snacks, and indulge where I wanted. Here is a glimpse of my travel snack pack (which are all things I take even off W30): RXbars, pre-portioned bags of mixed nuts and plantain chips, Chomp sticks, almond butter packs, loose packets of tea and a few apples.
-Perks of accidentally booking your flight a day early, equals more time in Vail and a seriously good dinner at La Bottega.
-Followed by the famous hot chocolate at the Four Seasons. It was incredible, but so rich and TMI sent my weak stomach straight to the bathroom…This was not necessarily the first thing to dive into off Whole 30.
-The trees changing in Colorado this time of year was insane.
-Après naps (lol) cheeseboard time.
-Hiking aka trail walking in gorgeous Vail.
-Homemade za by moi for Saturday night in, in Vail. With tips I know from What’s Gaby Cooking, these supreme pizzas turned our perfect in the oven.